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Thor Halvorssen Calls Attention to US-Russia Deal

In 2012, Thor Halvorssen, President of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, a watchdog group that seeks to end abuses on the part of authoritarian regimes, wrote a watershed piece in Forbes about the global arms trade and the extent of American involvement in trafficking arms, as well as the ramifications of the international arms trade on human rights all over the world.

Halvorssen uses as his touchstone the embarrassing revelation that the American government had contracted with a Russian state-owned firm to outfit the Afghan military with attack helicopters. This was as tensions between the Obama administration and the Assad regime were at their peak over the treatment of protesters and rebels, and all the while the Russian government continued to ally itself with and support Assad.

Arguing that tyranny cannot exist without some level of support and collaboration, Halvorssen dismisses the State Department’s explanation that the transaction is a separate issue from Russian support of Assad. He uses the Rwandan genocide as another moving example. After exports of weapons to Rwanda were banned by the British government, one UK arms company actually succeeded in lifting the ban, despite the widespread death and devastation that came to the nation as a result of one of the most horrific episodes of genocide ever seen.

In addition to serving as President of the HRF, Venezuelan-born Halvorssen is CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum. As an advocate for human rights, he has put his own life in peril, inspired by the torture of his father at the hands of the Venezuelan government and an assassination attempt on his mother. He is steadfast in his belief that no ideological allegiance can excuse the violation of human rights, and has criticized both left-wing and right-wing dictatorships, governments, and politicians for their transgressions of individual liberty and basic human rights.

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Finding The Best Lawyer in Brazil For Your Needs

If you find yourself in legal trouble in Brazil, an experienced lawyer will be able to represent you and aim to resolve the matter effectively. If you are starting your own business in Brazil, you will certainly need a lawyer to create contracts and review other legal issues for you. You will need a contract lawyer that has great expertise in several different areas.

Hiring a reputable lawyer in Brazil to represent you in business related legal matters or other legal issue, is smart thing to do. Determine what type of lawyer you need. Not all lawyers can handle the type of case you are dealing with, so make sure you do proper research.

Work with a lawyer who specializes in representing people and businesses involved in legal disagreement and litigation. Look for a litigation lawyer who enjoys practicing law and takes pleasure in taking cases to trial.

When looking for a lawyer, you should consider reputation. Get a reputable lawyer that has been in litigation practice for many years. Reputable lawyers often have great litigation and negotiation skills. These lawyers have proven track record and are well respected by their peers and clients alike.

Having a reliable and competent lawyer on your side will ensure that you receive the best representation possible in your case.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a renowned Brazilian firm attorney and expert litigator. He has a well-known Law practice, which is established in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto works with his clients to make sense of their legal problem and needs to make sure that he can determine the most suitable strategy to dealing with the situation.

In terms of experience, proficiency and reputation, few attorneys in Brazil can match Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto has personally worked with companies and professionals for over 22 years. Some of his clients include large corporations, multinational companies, and politicians. Before becoming famous, Ricardo Tosto honed his competencies as a lawyer in a small law practice. Ricardo Tosto is regarded as a dominant litigation attorneys by the Brazilian legal community.

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All You Need to Know About Cone Marshall: A Law Firm That Works With International Families and Their Advisors


Cone Marshall LTD is a law firm in New Zealand that was founded by Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone. It is a particular universal trusts law office that was built up in 1999. Its name is derived from the last names of the two founders; Cone and Marshall. In this write up we will look at their profiles and highlight on the company’s objectives and achievements.

Karen Marshall

Karen Marshall worked in London for a long time at a law office in its Commercial Litigation office before joining the law office in 2005. Karen Marshall has worked at Cone Marshall since 2005 and has been an essential since 2006. She is a consultant to statutory trustee organizations and has wide experience overseeing trust advisory work.

Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey Cone studied law in a University in New Zealand-University of Otago; and graduated with LLB hons and additionally got a post-graduate diploma in tax & trust law. He started practicing commercial law in the early 80s and later diversed to become an accomplice in Christ Church law firm. There he rehearsed in business prosecution, tax advisory and acted as the lead counsel. He later came back into legal practice in 1997 in Auckland, after which he built up Cone Marshall in 1999.

About Cone Marshall

Cone Marshall is the main New Zealand law office to practice only in global trust and it gives trustee and trust administration benefits through its associated organizations. It mainly deals with universal families and their counselors by helping them in setting up New Zealand trusts, organizations and gives worldwide tax planning services.

The Cone Marshall company does not deal with private firms but concentrates on advising lawyers and different foundations located outside New Zealand to help them in advising their own customers. In a nut shell, Cone Marshall Limited provides full New Zealand tax-advisory services , gives legal counsel and can likewise give tax administration & structuring services.


Cone Marshall Ltd. is a law office that works worldwide with families and their legal advisors. They specialize in building up New Zealand trusts and provide companies with tax planning services. In spite of the critics about it Cone Marshall continue to follow, and has dependably followed, to the most astounding standards of tax and trust straightforwardness and guarantees that their customers are accorded the most trusted guidance on international trust law. This is the best company in New Zealand that has mastered the law skills necessary to build up New Zealand legal structures.

Understanding The Brazilian Legal System And The Role Of Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho

The legal system of Brazil is made up of laws that were introduced by the 1988 constitution. They are spread across different institutions and serve several domains that have helped to enhance justice and the application of law. Each of the distinct areas that form the whole umbrella of the legal system are assigned lawyers and approved professionals who maintain regular reviews of the law to offer direction on the development and preservation of the country’s justice system.
Superior courts
The superior courts of Brazil make the highest rank in the hierarchy of the court system and the professionals that head these institutions are appointed after nominations from the president then approval by the country’s senate. The Superior Court of Justice is responsible for interpreting and standardizing federal laws in Brazil and minds the principles enshrined in the constitutions while defending the rule of law.

It also makes the last option when it comes to solving infraconstitutional cases. The court also presided over criminal cases involving governors and judges. It offers its judgment on habeas corpus basis that affects these authorities, except when an electoral case is presented before the court.

The Superior Military Court of Brazil
The Military Court presides over prosecutions that are brought forward to decide military crimes. It is made up of fifteen ministers who are selected by the President and passed to the senate for approval.

Labor courts
The labor courts address the grievances of workers in the country and this is where they present their problems and complaints regarding different bodies and companies. The court analyses the complaints brought forward and decides on the appropriate action to take.

Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho
As an experienced lawyer and a great author, Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho was appointed to the Bar Association and he serves as an advisor to the Legal Department and Human Resources Group. Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho has contributed a lot of content, both in newspapers and journals, addressing the challenges that the legal system faces from time to time and has been a great problem solver. He also speaks at several forums where his legal mind is required.

Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho, over 15 years as a lawyer, has specialized in business law and its sub domains. He works on tasks concerning credit recovery, bankruptcy and business restructuring. Tosto is fluent in both English and Portuguese and his career has been a ladder of progression from a lower level to an advanced stage.