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The Rise of Greg Secker to the Summit

Greg Secker, the 42 year old father, master trader, entrepreneur, international speaker and philanthropist, in 2003 brought together several companies: Learn to Trade (an international education company), SmartCharts Software, Capital Index and FX Capital to form the Knowledge action Group. The creation of the foundation was to raise the standard of life as Greg had always had the passion to improve education, coaching, support and the youth leadership initiatives around the world. The foundation has effected changes through various programs such as the Christmas Basket Bridge, Early Childhood development Program in South Africa and the Youth Mentoring Program. In London, the foundation supports several charities such as the Flying Trader Project and the Global Tradethons. Greg has always desired to avail the less privileged people with the same ideas and tools that he received and allowed him to make enough money.

Before kicking off his career in the foreign exchange business with his business called the Virtual Trading Desk, Greg Secker had kicked off his career working for the Thomas Cook Financial Service as a trading technologist. His success at VTD was felt when the company became the first to online real-time Forex trading platform. This development in the field allowed clients to acquire immediate quotes for very big forex transactions. After that, Greg joined the Mellon Financial Corporation as the Vice President. He again used the skills he had gained to grow his personal trading account and in a short time he created the Learn to Trade company which has now grown throughout the world.

Greg attended the University of Nottingham where he pursued a course in agricultural and Food Sciences. Since, he has risen from success to success and has even become an international motivational speaker. He has spoken on major market channels such as CNBC and Bloomberg. He has spoken alongside esteemed personalities and attending events such as the Global Success Summit in South Africa hosted by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite. Looking at the world today, Greg is joyful about how power is disseminated from TV broadcasters to the masses and how people can enjoy the freedom of thought, choice and competition.