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Lauryn Hill Tours ‘Miseducation’ For Its 20th Anniversary

Lauryn Hill is in a category of her own. Former member of Grammy-award winning hip hop trio The Fugees, Ms Hill had a notable hit record of her own with The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Her one and only solo album celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. This album was so groundbreaking that it has stood the test of time over a fast-moving contemporary world.

Lauryn Hill is one of the top figures of the classic neo-soul musical movement of the 90s. Her smooth, sultry, jazz-infused hip hop style gave way to the Khelanis and Szas of today in a similar way that Nina Simone gave way to Lauryn Hill’s era. Movements are much more accelerated these days, yet despite no new music on record for the past 20 years, Lauryn Hill is still a pillar in the music industry.

Part of the reason Hill is able to continue to tour year after year is first and foremost her talent level – she has an amazing voice that her fanbase never tires of hearing. Secondly, she actually does perform different songs outside of her albums. Part of the reason The Fugees disbanded and Lauryn Hill stopped recording as a solo artist is because of the business aspect. Perhaps Hill has just never had the right people around her because she has had all kind of legal battles from taxes to publishing.

Her performance style is typically that of the Unplugged special, technically her only other solo album. Ms. Hill usually plays the acoustic guitar and sings with other instrument accompaniments. The nation will get a chance to experience Lauryn Hill’s velvet chops once again this summer with a two leg tour, opening in Virginia Beach the day after Independence Day and ending in St. Louis in October.