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Is Anyone Else in Love With EOS?

What is EOS? EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth and I am absolutely in love with their line of lip balms. I am allergic to gluten and petrolium, and I often find that these two ingredients are commonly used in beauty products. Therefor, I must be very choosey when shopping for makeup or I could risk breaking out in hives which is miserable to say the least.

It’s very hard for me to find a quality lip balm product that isn’t packed full of chemicals, or ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. EOS lip balm makes lip balm that is certified as organic, it doesn’t contain any gluten, or petroleum which is perfect for me.

So far I have only tried the smooth sphere style, and my two favorite flavors are summer fruit which smells like berries with a hint of peach, and the passion fruit that has a tropical scent.

This stuff just glides right on, feels amazing, and smells delicious. It stays on for several hours, and it makes your lips look very kissable. I think the Shea Butter and Vitamin E that it contains really protects your lips, and makes them look lucious.

Most of the natural balms that I have tried before tend to feel heavy, or greasy, with EOS I get a much lighter, smooth layer instead which is very pleasant.

One trick that I have found while using Evolution of Smooth is that it works very well as a lip primer, too. Now I apply it before I put on my lipstick, and after for an incredible look and feel. The products are available online via ulta and eBay (

In my opinion EOS offers a quality, inexpensive, lip balm that is certified as organic, looks, smells, tastes, and works great. If you haven’t had a chance to experience the luxury of Evolution of Smooth lip balm, you don’t know what you are missing. To learn more about the company and its products, visit