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Kid Ink Melds Popular Shows with His Music for His Upcoming Album

“My only enemy is looking in the mirror,” rapped Kid Ink in his recently released track, “GoldenEye,” which is part of his yet to be released mixtape. Not only is this song inspired by James Bond and uses the fairly recognizable Hollywood beat featured in the character’s movies, but it foreshadows the artist’s refusal to remain stagnant in his career.

This drive is depicted in virtually everything that the artist releases, and the fact that he refuses to be labeled a one hit wonder. Currently trending is his song, “Nasty,” which features Jeremih and Spice, but the strong hype surrounding the song is not enough to keep Ink out of the studio, hence “GoldenEye.” Embracing his common style of building up the excitement of his fans, Kid Ink makes it a habit to release a few songs before his entire mixtape drops. Rocketshipshawty 2 is sure to be a hit in its entirety, judging by what fans were luckily able to hear beforehand.

As previously mentioned, one of the songs on the upcoming album combined James Bond class with Kid Ink flair, but that is not the only popular influence that fueled the song– AMC’s, “The Walking Dead,” worked its way into the track, too! “Ink told me he had been splurging on Walking Dead episodes all day before he recorded this,” confirmed DJ ill Will in a tweet the same day that the song was released. Regardless of where the inspiration came from, there is no denying that Rocketshipshawty 2 will be out of this world.