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Welcome Back to the Spotlight, Kehlani–You’ve Been Missed

Hiatuses are temporary for those who deserve to be readily in the spotlight. R&b artist, Kehlani, took a brief break after admitting to suffering from depression and anxiety, but when she came back, she came back in full force by releasing three songs in only three weeks. Currently topping the charts is her hauntingly seductive track that actually steals the show as another groundbreaking piece composing the Suicide Squad soundtrack, “Gangsta.”

In the song, Kehlani melodically expresses her need to find a ride or die gangsta to go through life beside her. Director of the film of the century, David Ayer, describes this song as being the most foreshadowing about the movie entirely. His appreciation for Kehlani’s perfectly seductive voice did not go unheard, along with a few other words he used to describe the song, including haunting, raw, broken yet powerful, and sultry.

Aside from her voice completing the setting by punctuating the song with ominous undertones that send chills up even the strongest spine, her recent trials also make her a perfect fit for such an important track. The Suicide Squad is made up or characters that are a different breed; they are different, a bit conflicted internally. Kehlani admits to being broken internally, but uses it as her power to produce passionate songs that are so much more than enjoyable to listen to, but inspirational as well.

Kehlani Says No to Depression

Depression is not an issue to be ignored and, though it was once demonized and suppressed in the soul of the victim dealing with the condition, it is now widely discussed and recognized as the true problem that it is. From actors to musical artists, the condition is discussed and no longer viewed as being shameful, so when r&b artist, Kehlani, admitted to suffering from this illness in March 2016, very few fans had dry eyes nor retained the same impression of the twenty-one-year-old artist.

After that announcement, Kehlani seemingly disappeared from the spotlight–ultimately worrying fans. Well, her comeback was fierce, and the artist recently released her song, “CRZY.” Essentially, this song is the singers way of taking her life back, and highlighting her profound accomplishment of surviving through the illness each day. Though the lyrics are fairly risque, the message is there, and virtually nobody can disprove the important lesson to take away from Kehlani’s music.

Giving credit to Selena Gomez for her “kill them with kindness” mentality, Kehlani has used that principle to not only produce some stellar tunes, but to make it through her daily life in spite of her mental illness. Though life is a struggle, it can be viewed as an opportunity to channel that energy into something better, and that is truly admirable for this artist to do, and should be viewed as a lesson for the masses.