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Justin Beiber’s Return to the Top

The Huffington Post’s entertainment section recently discussed Pop artist, Justin Bieber and the increase in his popularity since his explosive entrance to the music scene at the tender age of 16. The article discussed the highlights of Bieber’s career that were soon followed by a series of public disturbances and questionable behavior. Fans now believe that Bieber is on a road to redemption and has solidified his new journey with his new album, Purpose. The album is full of references to the singer’s troubled history with substance abuse, difficult romantic relationships, and general mischievous activities. Bieber has already earned a great deal of critical acclaim and recognition for his latest work.

Justin Bieber’s rise to fame was discussed in the Huffington Post article prior to a detailed review of his newest album. Because the new album featured songs like, “Sorry,” a song which is an ode to a past lover who has been unfairly treated by Bieber (presumably his high profile ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez). In the album review, Huffington Post authors suggested that Bieber’s apologetic tone throughout the record is reflective of his general attitudes towards his past indiscretions. Although the singer has not directly affirmed that this is the case, his lyrics in several songs on the album would seem to suggest his change of heart.

In the wake of Bieber’s successful new album, the singer also seems to have created positive changes in his life to ensure that he does not fall back into negative habits. The singer has announced his return to his family church in California, as well as the addition of new leaders to his management and support staff. Bieber’s new album has already received the placement of 3 singles on the top 100 Billboard songs list and has been purchased by fans in more than 60 countries worldwide.