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The Budden/Drake Feud Continues, At No Fault of Drake’s

We live in the era of memes; we live in the era when beef among rappers is more easily followed due to the influence of social media. Often, combinations of the two realities surface, and they are fairly hilarious. That is, of course, until somebody potentially gets hurt or goes too far.

The last weekend of July was a fairly exciting time for rap artist, Joe Budden–until some Drake fans decided to let him know just which team that they support in the industry. Joe Budden is the furthest thing from a coward, though, and decided that he would not take this act sitting down–literally. In fact, he began chasing after the car, screaming some choice words the entire time. His face was red with anger and a bit of exhaustion from his taxing run, but it subsided when he decided that this was a fight he had won. That feeling quickly subsided when he went on social media, though.

Naturally, dozens of memes surfaced that pictured the artist running with a vengeance; witty expressions accented each one. While this form of cyberbullying might make some people crawl under a rock and not show their face for a while, Budden has already demonstrated that he will not take these actions with a grain of salt.

“Sometimes you gotta show the kids you really ran with the rock,” rapped Budden in a song he immediately produced following the incident. Even the biggest Drake fans enjoyed the tune, but they are more so excited to hear Drake’s response.

Joe Budden Releases Another Drake Dis Song

Joe Budden has been in the hip-hop industry for many years. During this time, he has had many friendly rivalries with other well-known hip-hip artists. Budden is well-known for being feisty when it comes to dealing with beefs with artists who challenge his ability to rock the microphone.

Many of us thought the beef between Joe Budden and Drake was over. Budden continues to throw sharp lyrical darts at Drake. After releasing his classic Drake dis song, Budden takes another crack at one of the biggest hip-hop superstars around today.

Joe Budden decided to work with araabMUZIK in the studio. He wanted to come up with a catchy beat that would catch everyone by surprise. After hours of collaborating, the two came up with a creative song that starts off with a short sample from Kenny Powers. Budden shows boldness by using one of Drake’s lyrics in his song.

Rap pioneers expect new artists to show them respect for their hard work. Veterans of the industry feel they pave the way for new artists to be successful. The competitive beef started when Budden felt that Drake was not paying homage to him. Fireworks began when Budden decided to release a dis track to put Drake in check.

At this point, Drake has not responded to Budden’s sharp jabs. It will be interesting to see what will take place between the legend and new superstar in the future.