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Jay-Z Spends $100,000 At Manhattan Nightclub

Jay Z managed to raise a few eyebrows recently when the rapper and business mogul treated Juan Perez, President of Roc Sports Nation, to a night out in Manhattan to celebrate Perez’s birthday. The two men were accompanied by other executives working with the company.

The group would eventually make their way to an exclusive nightclub in Inwood known as the Playroom. Once seated in the VIP section of the club, Jay Z ordered 40 bottles of champagne for the group. The brand, Ace of Spades, is Jay-Z’s own but he paid the full price for the order.

The bar tab for the night exceeded $80,000 and with the tip, Jay Z spent more than $91,000.

The gesture by Jay Z is not uncommon when it comes to large tips. Shaquille O’Neal has long been known as a large tipper and once left a $4000 tip for a much smaller order. O’Neal will often ask waitstaff what they want as a tip and will actually deliver on their requests.

Jimmy Kimmel explains that he always tells the waitstaff that the quicker he gets his food the larger the tip will be. Kimmel goes on to say that when he prepares to leave he also asks how much a waiter or waitress may want.

Chamath Palihapitiya, a venture capitalist, reports that his tipping philosophy is to always leave 100% of the bill. Palihapitiya says that he will not tip so much if the service is generally bad but explains that he loves to be generous to waitstaff because of the happiness it brings to them. A humble Palihapitiya explains that he has been lucky with some huge early investments and that he enjoys “paying it forward.”

Run the Jewels, Jay Z Have Beef With The Reality Star President

Hip-hop duo Run the Jewels has recently risen to prominence with a focus on politically charged lyrics and energetic instrumentals. Their unique call-and-response style and lively shows have garnered a large audience. The duo has been explicit in their criticism of President Trump’s administration and the state of the American government in general. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, they went so far as to support Jay Z after the rapper was attacked by the President on Twitter.

Specifically, Trump criticized Jay after the latter asserted that Mr. Trump was ignoring the lived reality of Black American poverty. Trump argued that black unemployment is at the lowest levels ever recorded, claiming that Jay-Z was ignorant of his policies. President Trump’s short tenure has been plagued by dismally low approval ratings. The former reality star and real estate mogul has frequently used social media to call out pop culture figures who have doubted his leadership as head of the executive branch.

El-P of Run the Jewels contested that Donald Trump is weaponizing statistics and sidestepping the real issues. His creative partner Killer Mike complimented Jay, calling him “the coolest rapper alive” and pointing to the severe socioeconomic issues that still exist for African-Americans living in the Trump era.

In a genre infamous for its Hatfield-and-McCoy-style feuds, it is still bizarre for a sitting president to openly address the comments of a hip-hop artist. It appears that Jay Z and Run the Jewels have become new components of the ongoing culture wars.

The Best Rapper Alive Isn’t Going Anywhere

Jay-Z is a league entirely of his own. The Brooklyn born and bred lyricist has effortlessly oscillated between international chart topping pop-star and the most-highly respected representative of one of America’s greatest musical folk arts. Nonetheless, he moves without missing a beat and maintains unquestionable integrity and an ability to continue to grow as an artist that truly none of his peers have been able to match. Jay-Z has somehow remained relevant in a genre that is known for too often dismissing the voices of elders. Despite being nearly half-a-century old, rap fans continue to celebrate his latest work.

Jay-Z has elevated the hip-hop genre and operates in a musical state similar to the late Jonny Cash. He is the one rapper of his generation that could have a hit and tour the world into old age. His artistry demonstrates to a new generation, how to better oneself and to age gracefully. This has not been lost on critics around the world. 4:44, his latest work is on most of 2017’s best albums lists. Across the pond 4:44 was recognized by the BBC, Your text to link…, featured next to Father John Misty and the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. This is an artist breaking all the rules, 4:44 is as good an album as he’s released.

Jay-Z’s 4:44 transcends hip-hop, simultaneously elevating the entire culture. It is significant, intellectual, and endlessly compelling. His pen is always precise, but here, Jay-Z is contemplative and vulnerable. He tackles issues like fatherhood, infidelity, and the nature of poverty. He’s transparent, he doesn’t hide behind material things. 4:44 is still in rotation in 2018, and people show no sign of disinterest. At the age of 48, Jay-Z released the best rap album of the year and could easily make another.

Jay-Z is Still Focused

The weight of a marriage can crush anyone when the pieces fall apart for a normal working-class couple. This may be elevated a thousand times over for people like Jay-Z and Beyonce that are in the spotlight. As a musician, however, Jay-Z found an outlet in his music. He was able to present a whole new way for people to look at what he was going through, and this is all neatly packaged in his “4:44” album.

Jay-Z has taken a lot of big steps to keep his private business private, but after his wife released an album that was almost autobiographical for this year. Jay-Z felt compelled to bring things full circle with his album. Both of these are grammy-nominated albums, and it appears that Jay Z is opening up even more about how many of these songs have been made. People were expecting Kanye West to arrive on production, but West is more of a side story that Jay-Z comments on and not a producer.

The production is not the same for Timberland, Just Blaze or Kanye West production from the past, but people will instantly recognize this album as something that they are familiar with.

Jay-Z creates more crafty storytelling moments here, and he presents a lot of issues about race in America in addition to the relationship issues that he touches on. Jay-Z takes on a lot of subjects on an album that is less than 60 minutes in length. He is building a strong end of the road type of body of work as he inches towards 50 years old.

Many people may have assumed that she had nothing else left to contribute to rap, but these songs show that Jay-Z is just as focused and even more aware of his surroundings right now.

How Jay-Z Returned to Rap Game

Jay-Z has returned to rap game with a very interesting album. The “4:44” album has proven to be a critically acclaimed work from Jay-Z that examines his personal life and things that he has experienced as he transitions from a young rapper with drug tells to an older mogul that is now a husband and a father.

Jay Z hits deep as he goes over things like infidelity, trust issues and other issues that have occurred in his life in recent years. He really gives consumers of his music a great perspective on how he has grown as an artist and a person. He is nominated for Grammys for album of the year, and it appears that he is one of the best contenders when it comes to these type of awards even though he is older than a lot of his competition. Jay-Z have proven over the years that he is consistent, and this is another point where he is getting accolades for his work.

There is a strong amount of interest in this album even though it is one of the shortest albums that Jay-Z has created. He worked closely with Kanye West mentor No ID to bring this album to life.

There is a great backline story from producer No ID about how he did not initially even want to work on this album. He has created a masterpiece when it comes to instrumental loops and samples, but it was a hard road to conceptualize what tracks would actually make the album. No ID actually put together as many as 500 Beats. Jay-Z would have to sort through tons of beats that were already created by this album.
Jay-Z considered many beats.

“4:44” album is something of a classic when one considers his catalog.

Jay-Z Takes Scroll Down Memory Lane

Jay-Z believes to be his most important accomplishment is the wealth that he has gained as he has transitioned from a dope dealer to a businessman. He is talking about how he wants to impart this wisdom to other people that have a chance to get out of the ghetto. Jay-Z only has 10 songs on the “4:44” album, but he is definitely packing a lot of content within these 10 songs. He has talked about everything from the race issues inside of America to the issues within his own marriage.

He has taken a broad scale and look at the stupid things that he did with money as a young adult and the wiser decisions that he made to preserve wealth as an older adult. Many people that have heard the album will say that this is a very reflective Jay-Z. He is out of his element, but he is actually embracing a new element. He is redefining his life through his music, and this is what has attracted people to this album so early.
No I.D. is the person that is on the production, but many people would agree that the No I.D. production sounds a lot like what Kanye would have done if he would have been on better terms with Jay-Z.

There are Nina Simone and Stevie Wonder samples flowing through the album. There is a soulful presence that is reminiscent of “The Blueprint” album that Jay-Z created. The samples are an indication of just how much Jay-Z wanted to stay soulful. He wanted to create a whole new standard where he would be able to talk about what he was wrestling with, but he wanted to provide people with a familiar soulful sound. Jay-Z has been quite successful in accomplishing all of these things.

Jay-Z Gets Open About the Secret Life Inside the Marriage

There are a ton of people that are going to wonder if there is a publicity ploy about the “4:44” album. People that have been able to follow him are certain that there is more to this than a publicity stunt. It is obvious that Jay-Z and Beyonce have more money than they will ever be able to spend. Some people may think that this is a bad thing to be so open about the marriage. People are feeling the album because he is still showing that there is a lot of growth.

The “4:44” album addresses a plethora of topics. It makes people look their own relationships. It makes people look at the racial tension that has happened around them. This is why the album has been able to go platinum in a short time frame.

It is also quite impressive to see the way that Jay-Z has evolved over the years. It was possible for a lot of people to hear “4:44” and wonder if they needed to talk with their partners. It was time for a lot of people to come clean. This is why Jay-Z has received accolades and a platinum certification. People really wanted to have all this information that Jay-Z provided. They wanted to learn about his marriage and the relationship with friend Kanye West.

Jay-Z has had a whole lot of things going on in his life. He has worked with many people down through the years and people are excited to get a glimpse into the life of Jay-Z and Beyonce. The combination of “Lemonade” and “4:44” can really put a stamp on relationships. Marriage can be difficult. Jay-Z has done the unthinkable. He has actually bared his soul and helped people see into his world with Beyonce.

The Over Analysis of a Marriage Through “4:44”

There is a lot of talk about the brand new “4:44” album that Jay-Z has released. The title track is about his marriage, but he goes through other subjects on the album. Strangely, this is only marriage track on the album, but it is dominant. This is the topic of conversation when it comes to the new album. This is what people want to know about. They are interested in the way that the entire affair unfolded.

This is one of the more fascinating albums of 2017 so far, and this is largely because it is linked to a whole new issue that is pertaining to the life of Jay-Z. It addresses the affair privately, but he also talks about the friendship failure with Kanye West. He has also been able to throw shots at other rappers in the game like Future. People wonder what this is all about, but most of it is speculation. It has become one of those sensationalized stories that speaks to people from different walks of life.

The great thing about the album is that it leaves a lot of room for discussion. This album is a huge conversation starter. It is hard for people to hear it and not want to talk about it. This album is the raw emotional of Jay-Z. This is the most honest that he has ever been as an artist. He wanted to make people to see inside of his life.

Jay-Z worked his way to the top, and he has exposed how he fell from grace with Beyonce. He has stated that he neglected his marriage, and now it is coming back to make amends with his wife. Jay-Z has apologized and gave some deep thought about what he has done. This is a very remorseful Jay-Z.

Jay-Z Reaches Another Milestone With 4:44

It’s fair to say that Jay-Z is one of the best hip-hop artists of all time. As a solo artist, he has more number one albums than anyone else in music history. True hip-hop fans know that The Jigga Man will continue to make an effort to raise the bar in the industry.

Jay-Z’s new album, 4:44, is the legend’s 13th studio album. To be honest, some were shocked that he released this album at this time. With the birth of newborn twins, one would imagine that his personal life would not give him enough time to create and promote a new album. Jay continues to prove that he should never be underestimated.

The 4:44 album made a big splash during its first week on the market. It secured the number one spot on the Billboard 200. This hot new album managed to move 262,000 units. This is extremely impressive when you consider the fact that Jay has been in the business for over 25 years. It’s very hard for hip hop artists to stay relevant for a long period of time. For example, the chances of L.L. Cool J. releasing another album are extremely slim.

With Tidal and promotional giveaways at his disposal, it’s fair to say that 4:44 will continue to do well in the upcoming months. The numbers show that 4:44 is the fourth best début album of the year. Kendrick Lamar’s album (DAMN) reigns supreme at the moment.

Jay-Z has emerged as a talented rap artist and music mogul. After listening to 4:44, one must admit that he hasn’t lost his touch. This new album shows that Jay can smash bars and flow on any beat with ease. Will he pull another ace out of his sleeve soon?

The Return of Jay-Z

Jay-Z has made it known the download fall of the marriage was unexpected, not something that was not what he planned to do, but honesty is something that was not presence in the marriage. This caused him to hide much of the affair from Beyonce and all of this comes through quite well through his riddles and album.

There has been lots of talk by other rappers that are close in age with Jay-Z about the content. It has received good reviews from Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent, but they feel that Jay-Z is actually too old to be rapping right now. They believe that he should retire from the game the same way that he proclaimed to retire more than a decade ago.

Jay-Z has continued to release prolific material. The number of albums that he has created has proven that he is able to release new content and still remain relevant in a sea of young rappers even though he is close to 50 years of age. He has had decades of success. In the last 10 years he has won many awards. The last full album was a collaboration with Kanye West on “Watch the Throne.” This is the first time that Jay-Z has taken on a solo album in a couple years, and none of the familiar faces are in place for the production. Kanye West is not in place because there is a breakdown in the friendship.

Pharrell or Timberland, long-time Jay-Z contributors for beats, or not in place either. It is proof positive that Jay-Z is moving away from his circle and really renting out as a man that has a family and a wife to share his life with. Jay-Z has changed a lot, and the album is a clear indication of this.