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Janet Teases Fans with New Music

Janet Jackson is set to go back on the road. This is big news for fans. Many people have wondered when she wouldresurface, but the wait seems to be coming to an end. Janet has even put an audio clip together for new music that is coming.

According to, fans that are linked to social media can get a small dose of the new song. It is a slow song with the hashtag #ConversationsInCafes. Janet has been around for a long time, and like most older stars she is from a different era. She doesn’t do a whole lot of tweeting like her older counterparts like Prince. When she says something online it usually has something to do with her music. She is unlike other young stars like Taylor Swift that will just tweet any random thing that happens.

Some people may say that technology has stunted the growth of older artists that have rebelled against digital technology, but Janet is finally playing the game. She is realizing that there is power in promoting through Twitter. She knows that the anticipation is all part of the game so she is giving fans what they want. It appears that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis is on board for another project. Janet has worked with these guys for years, and they still seem to be in the background and on the sound boards helping her produce music.

Top 10 Divas. Ever.

Using this definition, we have assembled the Top 10 Divas. Ever.

10. Madonna

The material girl has to make this list with a history like hers.

9. Mariah Carey

Sure, the girl can sing, but she also has some ‘tude.

8. Oprah Winfrey

No woman can be this powerful and not be a diva.

7. Chaka Khan

May not remember her now, but at the time, she was THE diva.

6. Cher

Been around so long, she may actually qualify as multiple divas.

5. Gwen Stefani

She’s just a girl… Who gets anything she wants.

4. Nicki Minaj

In hip-hop, attitude is everything.

3. Betty White

C’mon, she was good looking young and gets anything she wants now.

2. J-Lo

Jenny from around the block – in the rich neighborhood.

1. Martha Stewart

An ex-con that out cook your mom at Thanksgiving? Giofrancesco Genoso agrees, that screams diva!

Kanye West Believes Late Mother Spoke Through Him on New Track

The new year is but a few days old, and Kanye West has already made headlines for himself. The controversial artist just released a new song, titled “Only One,” with Paul McCartney, but that’s not all; he is claiming his late mother, Dr. Donda West, actually spoke through him on the track.

According to West’s representatives, the collaborative track between Yeezy and former Beatles’ bassist/current solo act Paul McCartney featured a special appearance by none other than Kanye’s mom with the line, “Hello, my only one.” Upon hearing playback of the track, West insisted he didn’t remember singing that line during his casual improv session with McCartney. He did remember, however, that his name means “only one,” and took the whole experience to mean his mother was singing to him and the granddaughter she will never meet.

Says Kanye’s reps, “It dawned on everyone there: Something powerful and undeniable had occurred through the power of music and of letting go. A message had been passed down through generations.”

The self-professed prolific rapper and reality star Kim Kardashian had baby North West in June of 2013; West’s mother sadly passed away in 2007 during a surgical procedure, long before West and Kardashian got together romantically. Whatever your thoughts are on Kanye at the moment, I think we can all agree with Dave and Brit Morin that this is more than just your average song.

Akon Comes Back Strong

Akon is has been away from the spotlight, but he certainly has not stopped working. My friend Sam Tabar couldn’t believe it when Akon dropped 5 singles just as the new year has begun. This isn’t even the most thrilling part of his return though. What blows fans away is the huge way that he is coming back to the spotlight. Akon – who is apparently suffering from a mild case of insanity – is overworking himself with the release of 5 full length albums called “Stadium”.

This is big news because Akon has been away for – what seems like – a lifetime. He produced hits with Lady Gaga, T-Pain, Lil Wayne and a host of other artists. He even dropped a laundry list of hits on his own. He comes back at a time when just about everyone that he has worked with is ready to return as well. He worked heavily with T-Pain, and T-Pain is set to return in 2015 with “Stoicville.” Akon worked with Lil Wayne and the “Carter V” is on the way.

The release of 5 full albums in different genres has never been done before – until now. This “Stadium” project may be the most important music project this year.