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J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar Together Again!

As two of the most potent and prevalent emcees of their time, and considered by many to be the two top modern day rappers, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar have had a close friendship, and professional rivalry, throughout both their careers, and have worked together on tracks multiple times. When Hip-Hop legend Jezzy announced the track listing for his upcoming Pressure E.P. fans were quick to note the reuniting of Cole and Kendrick on the aply named track, American Dream. Attendees at the December 12th listening party for Pressure heard the full album by the noted Atlanta rapper, including American Dream, the pen-ultimate take on the thirteen track album.

The two have worked together multiple times in the past including rapping over each other’s instrumentals on the the 2015 release Black Friday, which saw Cole taking a shot at ‘Alright’ and Kendrick rhyming over ‘A Tale of Two Citiez’. In 2012, Lamar and Cole collaborated on the DJ Khaled led They Ready, with famed southern rapper Big K.R.I.T. and a year later on the J. Cole album Born Sinner for the track Forbidden Fruit. Since 2011 both Cole and Kendrick have hinted at an entire collaborative album, and though collaborated that such a project exists by close insiders, the product has yet to hit the streets.

Jeezy’s latest features a slew of incredible seasoned emcees and a collection of up and coming rappers to make for what looks like another Hip-Hop classic for the Atlanta artist. From the short clip posted online and the word of attendees to the recent listening party, American Dream, featuring J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar is a bomtastic banger, featuring some of the best bars ever spit by all three legends. For further info on Pressure, releasing December fifteenth, check out Jeezy’s online residence at now!

J. Cole’s New Documentary About Life In The South

Rapper J. Cole has made a documentary called “J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only.” I wonder why Cole decided to include a misspelling in the title of his documentary. Although this might be seen as a kind of homage to urban films like “Boyz In Da Hood,” using this type of spelling certainly seems a bit stale and contrived in 2017. That said, this documentary is receiving rave reviews from those in the know. According to people with intimate knowledge of this film, J. Cole’s documentary explores serious issues such as race relations, economic inequality and social justice. In this film, J. Cole explores what it means to grow up as an African-American in the American South. In particular, J. Cole’s documentary explores the reality of economic suffering and institutionalized injustice in African-American life. Cole argues that ingrained racial attitudes deeply affect how African-Americans interact with police and the justice system.

In his documentary film, which was directed by Scott Lazer, J. Cole explores African-American life in post-Katrina Baton Rouge and Ferguson, Missouri. Overall, the film seems like an interesting presentation. However, I hope Cole doesn’t make the common mistake of being too pessimistic about the future of race relations in this nation. As a nation, we need to solve a lot of problems before all members of society can feel equally appreciated and valued. Nevertheless, I strongly feel that there is a lot of hope for the United States. I hope that J. Cole and all commentators balance the grim realities of now with the boundless promise of tomorrow.