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Brian Bonar’s Extensive Work Experience

Brian is a holder of a PhD. His extensive experience in financial matters is unrivaled. He is an affiliate of the American Finance Association. Brian’s passion lies in guiding different high-performing teams in creating, developing and delivering collaborative design outcomes. Through each opportunity, Brian seeks to build client trust.

In the past, Brian Bonar has been invited on different media stations. While he was working as the CEO of ITEC, the financial expert was featured in an interview, which was held online at The Imaging Technologies Corporations (ITEC) leads in the development of color management software and digital imaging hardware.

In the interview, Brian outlined ITEC’s strategies and policies in business, including its recent acquisition.
In one year, the company was engaged in the process of transforming from a manufacturer and developer to a service and marketing organization. Brian posited that ITEC identified opportunities that would help it to serve its target market through providing specific administrative services. Its target market has been small to medium-sized businesses.

The company pursued an expansive expansion program that saw it acquire different companies including SourceOne Group. This Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is based in Virginia. The corporation has played a pivotal role in providing small and medium business with innovative human resource and payroll services.

Brian Bonar asserted that the acquisition was expected to add around $40 million in revenues. He added that a PEO is able to leverage ITEC services and products to enhance its profits and customer retention.

Brian has over 30 years experience in professional management, especially in the competitive financial sector. For more than 10 years, he has been at the helm of Dalrada Financial Corporation. As the CEO and chairperson of the financial institution, Brian has been instrumental in the selection of aftermarket products as well as employer and employee benefits. As a marketing liaison, Dalrada Financial Corporation supplies its clients with a broad range of employee programs that are uniquely designed to enhance efficiency of their businesses.

These programs are financial management, risk management insurance as well as business and promotional management services. Brian has worked for Smart-Tek Automated Services as the CEO and chairman of the board. He has also been at the helm of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

Because of his extensive experience and success in leadership, Brian has been the recipient of numerous awards. Recently, his name was included in the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry. For one’s name to be entered in this registry, he or she should have visible leadership abilities, notable academic achievements and tangible professional accomplishments.

Throughout his career, Brian has made a name for himself as a leader who seeks to achieve the aspirations and objectives of his team members, extended project partners and clients. His diverse skills and experience has seen him build great teams, client relationships and projects.

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