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Secures The Great Enforcers!

Starting on June 7th Securus Tech. announced that a list of reports, facts and articles are to be released listing the wrong doings by inmate communications at a company called Global Tel Link. They state the press release is only one of a few reports to come out. Watch more on

Mr. Richard A. Smith (or Ricky) stated that he loved his industry because it serves law enforcement, inmates, family/friend and a few other parties. He then goes on to state that he is very offended (and possibly the entire industry) when someone or a company stoops below the integrity standards. He believes his job is more then just about making money.

For the next six months they plan on releasing, through the press, all wrong doings by this company.

What was found out? a PR Newswire report reveals that the company was allowing inmates an extra 15-36 seconds extra during a call. This is actually considered unlawful and on top of that it was unauthorized. The company also increased the rates for each call, meaning, each person was getting charged more. They also had billed one single call more then once to get a few extra dollars off of them. They company was able to get 1,243,000 dollars and all this started in 1988. That’s right! They have been doing this for years! To make it seem worse they were doing it deliberately just for extra money.

The full record can be see on the Securus America website. The order number is U-20784-B and the docket number is U-20784. Also see their BBB company profile.

So there it is, Securus, the great Enforcers making sure rules are being followed and keeping justice in good standing!!!

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