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Matt Badiali Examines Why Metal Industry Is A Profitable Paradise

Investors have lots of options when it comes to natural resources, says geologist and investment strategist, Matt Badiali. The race to produce the electric car will also be a race to grab the necessary metals for the rechargeable battery . The battery contains lithium ion cells that convert chemical energy into electrical energy; but lithium is not the only necessary element says Badiali. Different formulations with cobalt, manganese, nickel, aluminum are also needed.

The electric car boom has a lot to do with emissions. Electric cars have no combustion engine and no exhaust, they drive fumes-free. That’s the big advantage in the cities where cars are polluting the air with nitrogen oxides. Even modern gasoline engines need filters because they produce fine dust. The problem does not exist with electric cars. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

The influx of electric cars will increase the production of lithium, cobalt, nikel, and manganese by 100 times globally by year 2040. Matt Badiali says for investors, this ratio of high demand and low supply has a big advantage. Even in times of financial crises and fluctuating stock prices, the value of metals remains relatively stable.

Unlike gold, however, metals practical benefits to industry leave it bound to a certain extent to the current economic situation. The better the economy runs, the higher the demand for metals like copper, nikel, and lithium will be. And the current production volumes can also have a strong influence on the current price.

Badiali points out that in addition to trading in commodities, interested investors can also opt for shares of companies involved in the promotion of natural resources. While there are companies all over the world, smaller mines and exploration companies are the better choice as they benefit significantly from high prices in the metals market. Therefore, it is important – just like any other form of investment – to study the current prices and market developments accurately.

Recent years have shown that rare metals can make big profits says Matt Badiali, and emerging innovation is driving the demand up for metals. They are essential components for industry in the production and development of new technologies of the future.

For more than a decade, Matt Badiali has been offering his insight and advice in natural resources and investing opportunities. He earned his geology degree from Penn State, then a Master’s degree in Geosciences from Florida Atlantic University. Since graduating, he’s becoming a mine explorer, evaluator, analyst, and astute investor.

Badiali also writes and produces the Real Wealth Strategist online newsletter, published by Banyan Hill Publishing. Watch:


Madison Street Capital Will Now Be Taken More Serious In The Financial World

The Madison Street Capital reputation was always good, but it will now be taken more seriously after an award the company won. The M&A Advisor Awards firm recently held their yearly awards show. This show took place in the heart of Manhattan and in one of the fanciest venues in New York City.


Towards the end of the show, Madison Street Capital received an award for advisement. The advisement award given by the M&A Advisor Awards firm is the most special award they bestow on a company once a year. This award is given to a financial advisement company that conducted the greatest deal of the year. There were approximately 700 companies nominated for this award, but Madison Street Capital proved to be the best advisement company of the year.


The deal that secured the advisement award for Madison Street Capital was their WLR Automotive deal, which took place during the summer. WLR Automotive came to Madison Street Capital to seek help with obtaining funding for their business. WLR Automotive needed several million dollars, but WLR Automotive could not get the money from any standard bank, and they did not have a tangible plan indicating how they would pay the money back. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital built a plan with WLR Automotive that indicated exactly when they would pay the money back and how long it would take. Madison Street Capital then spoke to several bank presidents on behalf of WLR Automotive. In just a few days, WLR Automotive achieved their goal of obtaining the money they needed for their business.


Madison Street Capital is one of the largest financial firms in the world. Madison Street Capital deals with business owners from every nation. They help businesses secure funding, build a plan to pay the money back, and even help with managing the business.

Madison Street Capital Expertise In Financial Matters

From the year 2002, has been recognizing and awarding the best M&A transactions, dealmakers and companies. Out of the 650 foundations that took part in this event, Madison Street Capital was selected to receive an award. According to the President and Co-CEO of the M&A Advisor, it was an honor to present one of the major awards of the year to Madison Street Capital. The company was crowned with this prestigious award because it emerged as the winner of the M&A this year (2017) in a group of extremely competitive participants.


“We’re pleased to receive the 2017 M&A Advisor Award in the category of debt financing,” said Charles Botchway, CEO of Madison Street Capital. “I take this opportunity to acknowledge the WLR Automotive and the person that made this possible, Barry Peterson, Senior Managing Director.”


Also, Madison Street Capital was a finalist for other two awards; the Financials Deal of the Year (the category of less than 250MM) and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.


The Gala is the main event of the year for the top M&A Dealmakers and was celebrated along with the 2017 M&A Advisor Meeting featuring more than 500 leading businesses that took part in various activities managed by over 35 M&A, media, and experts. The 16th annual M&A Advisor prize wasn’t the only significant award of the year, Robert Blumenfeld, the ACG New York Executive Director was presented with the inaugural Tom Farrel Memorial Award; and the Chairman and CEO of Winchester Capital, Ceasar N. Anquillare, received the Leadership Award of the year.


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About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a worldwide investment banking company specializing in mergers and acquisitions services, private equity, advisory, business valuation services, venture capital services, investment banks services, and corporate tax planning expertise to both private and public companies. The company’s teams of experts have extensive experience, skills, knowledge, and connections that make them one of the leading investment financial institutions on the planet.


As a leading offering M&A expertise and corporate finance service, the company has a remarkable team to prepare the best financial plans to fit every customer’s needs. They are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, but have several offices in the United States, Asia, and Africa. They have helped many businesses achieve monetary stability, so you can trust them to provide you with fiscal support. Learn more:


The Leverage Of Madison Street Capital

Breaking Modern Trends In Investment Banking


Much of investing has to do with how well an investor understands his or her current circumstances. But there are a lot of different trends that are influencing how everyone behaves, and that behavior will lead to either effective or unsuccessful trades. That’s why it takes a qualified service to help most investors and at a professional level.


Every person can earn the amount of cash necessary to begin investing in the stock market or the financial world entirely. It’s banks like Madison Street Capital that offer the best-rated service in investment banking globally. Madison Street Capital reputation was built on a solid investing platform in The United States and then grew to the international giant it now is. Learn more:


– First Know Where You Are


One of the main factors that makes Madison Street Capital stand out from other agencies is their process of service and for each client. For example, as a new client, you are welcomed to creating an account and one that goes well beyond simply issuing a routing number. This account invites the agency to better understand who you are.


And each client’s needs, behavior or preferences are extremely important to the strategy which a firm like Madison Street Capital is likely to take. Because this firm takes steps to first understand each client and in a special way, the future service and investment results are often optimal by trading standards. Learn more:


– Set The Standards And Don’t Look Back


The ability to understand each person that they serve in business has allowed Madison Street Capital to also set the standards for an entire agency. Which may not seem like a big or substantial deal at the moment. Yet, the competitive environment of New York City reveals to us that leading any industry in that city is an amazing feat.


But what does it mean exactly and for the average investor?


The reality is that investors who partner with the Madison Street Capital team are joining an agency with the right experience. There’s simply no level of financial expertise that hasn’t been hired by MSC. With such a strong reputation for today, it’s no wonder many see MSC succeeding even more in the near future.