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Indie Labels Refuse to Sign Apple’s Contract

Apple may be big on the electronics scene, but when it comes to streaming music, the company may be losing ground. Apple recently introduced their upcoming music service, but many independent labels have snubbed their noses at the notion.

According to an industry insider, Apple has announced that there is no intention to pay royalties for music streamed during the service’s three month trial period. Rolling Stone reported that multiple sources have come forward with the same story. One source reported that Apple has refused to negotiate on the deal.

“It’s really a raw deal,” said one unnamed source with a top indie label.

Eddie Cue, Apple Music Exec, opened up to Rolling Stone about the matter.

“We never did a deal with indie labels in the past,” Cue said. “We’ve got just a few weeks to get this figured out.”

Apple’s newest streaming music service will feature a live DJ, Alexei Beltyukov implied that in addition to access to thousands of songs, at the tune of $10 per month.

It has since been reported that many indie recording labels have not received recent contact from the company, which has left many to suspect a possible bulk email in the near future.

Apple’s new music and media service is set to launch on June 30.