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Imran Haque is Changing the Internal Medicine Landscape in North Carolina

Internal medicine is offered by few specialized hospitals. This situation denies many people the opportunity to enjoy these services. However, Imran is working towards changing this concern. As a young doctor working at an internal medicine hospital, Haque noticed the gap in the industry. To this end, he deemed it fit to provide solutions to the same. He quit his position at the hospital to chase this dream. Today, he is the proprietor of Horizon Internal Medicine. The company is bringing internal medicine services closer to people by opening more branches and recruiting highly qualified doctors. According to the doctor, this approach has been successful. He receives loads of positive feedback from many satisfied clients. These responses have acted as motivation to the doctor, who is now pushing to ensure that the hospital opens a branch in every corner of the state and what Imran Haque knows.

Hard work, thorough research, diligence, and finance are key factors for bringing ideas to life. According to Haque, failure in one of these factors can threaten the success of any idea. While working on an idea, entrepreneurs need to be organized and patient. The two tenets ensure that the idea does not go to waste. The doctor opines that networking is a good strategy of enhancing an idea’s chance of success. He goes ahead to posit that it is important to create symbiotic relationships with other entrepreneurs and businesses whenever possible and more information click here.

Imran Haque loves the integration of technology in health care. This process has brought many improvements in the field, thus making it possible to undertake different procedures. Centralization of information has led to simplified data-entry, ordering, record keeping, follow-up, and coordinated care. The system offers information on real time basis. Once the data has been entered, all medical professionals connected to the system can access the system. Haque adds that Barrack Obama has significantly influenced his thinking, including his calm demeanor under pressure.

Imran is a shrewd entrepreneur, doctor, and health care expert. The internal medicine expert practices at Horizon Internal Medicine. The hospital network is headquartered in Asheboro, North Carolina. Imran holds an MD from the University of Virginia and a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE). He has over 15 years of experience in treating various illnesses and Imran Haque’s lacrosse camp.

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Imran Haque Has The Best Care

There is no shortage of doctors, but doctors who are particularly gifted with medicine and genuinely care for their patients’ betterment are a rare find. Dr. Imran Haque just so happens to be one of those individuals. His studies and degree were given at the Universidad Iberoamerican in Santo Domingo in 1996. It should be noted that he graduated with honors as well. Imran Haque’s training came from the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program as well as the Randolph Hospital, where he studied internal medicine. Once he received his practicing license, he moved to North Carolina where he took up residence at Horizon Internal Medicine.


Imran Haque has practiced there for the past fifteen years. Horizon Internal Medicine is a facility which is considered to be one of the leaders of internal medicine consultancy and treatment. It’s obvious that Imran Haque believed that he could do his best work in a facility that challenged its employees to give their very best to each patient they received. Imran Haque is, in fact, so widely sought for treatment, that residents from far distances make the journey to see him specifically, either for special services or as a primary care doctor.


Among the vast services Dr. Imran Haque provides is 360 Resurfacing. This laser treatment involves tightening the skin and enhancing its tone and texture, primarily on the chest, face, and neck. He also provides weight management services, including treatments, cosmetic procedures, and nutritional packages. Even something as mundane as hair removal, Imran Haque is prepared to give his utmost professional and excellent quality of care for his patient.


Residents of Asheboro and Ramseur–and much more besides–have given positive testimonial after positive testimonial about the care they received at Dr. Imran Haque’s hands. He consistently gives his all for his patients.