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Troy McQuagge Works With HOPE to Improve the Lives of Many

Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) is USHEALTH Group’s program aiming to help the needy in every way possible. The program was established by the company’s President and CEO, Troy McQuagge, as part of USHA’s mission. Since it was established, HOPE has created a significant impact on the lives of many people. As the program’s first project, the organization partnered with the Phoenix of New Orleans to help build homes for New Orleans residents who were hit by Hurricane Katrina.

In 2011, the company’s leaders proceeded USHA’s mission of HOPE to The Crisis Nursery children’s shelter by donating clothing, shoes and other materials. According to USHA’s Senior VP of sales, Travis Yoder, the company is also interested in the wellbeing of people rather than just profit. As a way of giving back, the company always provides something to the host community whenever they meet for a business gathering.

Continuing with its mission of HOPE, USHEALTH Group supported families of children living with fatal illnesses such as cancer. Through HOPEKids Arizona, the company presented a check of over $25, 000 during Phoenix Leaders Meeting in 2012 to help these children. In 2013, USHA contributed more than $45,000 to HOPEKids’ division in North Texas.

In Brevard County Florida, USHA together with Elizabeth Byrne, Division Leader, initiated the mission of HOPE in the local area. The team partnered with the Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project to create a new mortgage-free home for an area’s Army Specialist and his family. As elucidated by Ms. Byrne, the company accomplishes its mission of helping others by not only giving insurance products but also inspiring the local community. Check:

Elizabeth Byrne believes that the mission of Hope and other related projects helps individuals understand the value of living a life of service rather than a life of success. In support of the Wounded Warrior Project, the team has placed a fishbowl at the meeting room entrance to allow agents to donate.

As explained by Troy McQuagge, helping and serving others whenever possible has become USHEALTH Group’s team mission. According to him, this act describes what USHEALTH and its people entail. Troy McQuagge USHealth believes that helping others is the most honorable way to spend your life or manage your business.

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