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Daddy Needs Help!

Once-upon-a-time the woman stayed home, taking care of the children and the house. Daddy went to work and came home to prop his feet in the recliner. Mom continued to cook supper, feed the family and put the kids to bed. Dad relaxed.

Today, things are very different. Women are working and climbing the corporate ladder. Or they are overseas in the armed forces. Men are working from home, running businesses from an office in the den. They are even taking care of the kids and the cooking. Cleaning? Who has time for that? Well, someone has to.

Men have learned to delegate responsibilities. They measure time and energy to get the most out of a day. They are smart, learning quickly that hiring someone to clean the house clears out more time to do other things. Really smart men also know that the hassles of hiring a cleaner can be avoided by using Handy Home Cleaning Services.

After all, why should you waste valuable time checking references? Most of the time, the ‘references’ are fake anyway. Who wants to do background checks when they can be working on that proposal for a building site? Can you imagine what would happen if a cleaner broke your wife’s favorite vase? A husband can. That is why he chooses Handy Home Cleaning Services to take care of all the details, including fully vetting the cleaner. Easy!

Use the time you save with Handy Home to play baseball with your daughter. Or you could fix that gourmet chicken for your wife. You will be able to put up your feet and relax after a long day. A cleaning service is a fantastic idea. Handy Home has made it so simple for you. You need two bedrooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms cleaned. That’s five rooms. Type that in your smartphone, along with a late morning start time (who wants to get up early?)and your area. Itunes app Handy Home Cleaning Services will charge your credit card, so now all you have to do is go about your business and leave the cleaning to someone else.

On the professional cleaning end of the business, an app will show cleaners your area, the amount of rooms to clean and the time you want to start. If this works for them, they can accept your job. When they finish up at your home, a swipe of their phone will put the money in their pocket. You never have to deal with paying them. You don’t even have to see the cleaner. Just work, cook or take the kids to a ballgame. Handy Home cleaners will have your home sparkling when you get back.

Simple, professional cleaning. Easy.