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Sia, Miguel, and Queen Latifah Come Together for a Historically Inspired Soundtrack from Hamilton

Hamilton is a popular musical, featuring hip hop-fusion tracks, that depicts the life of Alexander Hamilton. The play has received a lot of love and praise from critics, celebrities, and Broadway lovers alike. Hamilton debuted off-Broadway in February 2015 and made it to Broadway in August 2015. Among the many awards Hamilton has won so far, the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album is one of them.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the mastermind behind Hamilton, is releasing a Hamilton mixtape on December 4, 2016 featuring a wide array of talented vocalists and rappers. Sia, Miguel, and Queen Latifah teamed up for a remix of the Hamilton track Satisfied, which is something you definitely want to look out for.

The first track on the Hamilton mixtape is a rendition of Satisfied, one of the best vocal productions in Hamilton. Satisfied, from Angelica’s perspective in the musical, relays the story of watching the man you love marry your sister. What makes the song more heartwrenching is there’s no animosity between the sisters and it was Angelica’s choice to let him go.

The remake of Satisfied by Sia, Miguel, and Queen Latifah has recently been revealed, so you can listen to it on Spotify before the mixtape’s official release. If you listen to the original Satisfied, you’ll see that Sia, Miguel, and Queen Latifah did it justice and effectively portrayed the emotion while adding their own style to the song. Hamilton’s mixtape will be worth listening to in full when it comes out on December 4.