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InnovaCare Health Shows People They Can Get Healthcare Solutions


When InnovaCare Health steps in to help people with the solutions they need, they make a point to always show them things will get better. They also make a point of allowing people to take charge of all their own medical opportunities. InnovaCare Health knows what it takes. They aren’t afraid to give people the chance they need to be successful and that’s how they do business the right way. As long as there are things for people to use, InnovaCare Health knows they’ve done a great job at making the healthcare industry better. They also know what they can do to give back to the industry.


To give back to the doctors who worked so hard to get their help the right way, InnovaCare Health knows what they need to do. They take their time and show people how things will get better. They also do what they can to make the industry standards better than they’ve ever been. Since InnovaCare Health knows what they can do to help people, they feel good about the options they have. They also feel as though there are things that allow them the chance to move on with the issues in their life. See Related Link for more information.


If Innovacare Health can keep giving people what they need, they know things will get better. They also know they’ll make a choice that will allow them to be successful for years to come. As long as InnovaCare Health knows how to help people, they’re making the medical industry better. They even have solutions to show them how to use Medicare to their advantage. Since it can be complicated, getting help with Medicare is important to many people who have to use the insurance plan. InnovaCare Health knew this and knew they could help them since they knew so much about it.


While they are helping patients, InnovaCare Health also helps those who run the facilities where the patients go. They are a company dedicated to providers and that’s what has helped them grow to help other people. It is their goal to give the providers all the help they give the patients. By doing this, InnovaCare Health knows what it takes and knows what they need to do to make things better on their own. They also know how they can give back to the people who are in the community and who need to go to a knowledgeable provider.


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How Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Are Advancing How People Pay Their Medicare Bills

Innovacare Health is a firm which provides physician practice services as well as Medicare Advantage Plans. Its corporate headquarters are located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. It is a privately-held firm which offers integrated payor and provider services to its customers which number around 467,000 people. In addition to Mainland United States they also offer services in Puerto Rico through their subsidiary, MMM Healthcare.


At InnovaCare Health their management team has more than 120 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry. Their model is based on smarter healthcare which included physicians who are fully engaged in treating patients. InnovaCare make use of the latest technological advances in their industry in order to streamline their practices and help deliver the best care for patients who use them.


Dr. Richard (Rick) Shinto is the president and chief executive officer of this business. He started out his professional career on the clinical rather than management side of health care. After he earned his MD at the Stony Brook campus of the State University of New York he moved to Southern California. For several years he was a pulmonologist and an internist. He decided he wanted to pursue an opportunity to become an executive in this industry, so he attended the University of Redland where he got his Master’s of Business Administration.

Before long, Dr. Rick Shinto was the CEO of Namm in California. His success led to him joining another healthcare firm, Aveta, Inc, as its new CEO. Just prior to joining Innovacare Health he was the CEO of MMM Healthcare.


Another dedicated member of the executive team at Innovacare Health is their Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides. She was with this company from 2009 to 2014, left briefly, and then rejoined the team about a year later. She has over 20 years of experience in this industry and has specialized in the two government health programs Medicare and Medicaid. View More Information Here.


In order to help advance healthcare, Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have been instrumental in Innovacare Health reforming their payment methods. This company launched a new Medicare payment plan which is set to revolutionize how people make their payments. The goal is to enable people to pay for any healthcare they receive based on how good the quality was of their care. This gives hospitals a reason to reduce the bills they send out coupled with offering better care to their patients.


InnovaCare Health, Bringing A Change In Puerto Rico!!

InnovaCare, a medical complex in Puerto Rico, where the patients remain the top priority in everything they do as the leading provider of Medicaid and Medicare. InnovaCare promises to provide the highest quality health care with the world’s most advanced technology available with the lowest charging rates than any other medical complex. InnovaCare provides with two Medicare plans known as MMM HealthCare and PMC Medicare Choice. InnovaCare has their own membership base with over 200,000 members which are being overlooked by more than 7,500 individuals.



InnovaCare fulfills its everyday mission with the help of their Medicaid and Medicare programs. These programs help the medical complex to complete their daily challenges of health management and environment. The Government Health Plan is also operated by InnovaCare with the permission granted by the Government of Puerto Rico. InnovaCare’s employees have decades of experience and plans for innovative care to the patients located in North America.



InnovaCare has earned multiple awards through the years as one of the best medical complexes ever. It has also earned an award for the best quality assurance. InnovaCare is the first ever medical complex in Puerto Rico with such services. The National Committee for Quality Assurance has verified that InnovaCare matches all standards of what is required to treat the patients with the best treatment ever.



InnovaCare Health has certain missions/tasks which the complex needs to achieve in order to successfully become an example for everyone. InnovaCare keeps on redefining the health management to meet the different challenges of today’s healthcare environment.



InnovaCare Health is mainly focused on the relationship between the medical complex and its patients. InnovaCare promises to provide its patients with the best treatment with the latest technology and care to make them feel better. InnovaCare provides special custom-built rooms in which the patient heals more quickly due to the custom environment of the room. Go Here to learn more.



In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health is the first choice for everyone who needs to get themselves checked up because InnovaCare has proven everyone that they can take care of their patients better than anyone else. InnovaCare’s Medical Store has all the medicine required for almost anything. This medical store is provided inside the medical complex. The medical store delivers the medicine to the patient’s room for his/her comfort.



InnovaCare Health has a financial aid program for those who cannot afford a surgery or medicine. The medical complex helps the needy people by making installments for the poor people. InnovaCare is one of the best medical complexes in the world and is improving more and more over time to satisfy their patients.


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What to Know About Troy McQuagge Hope Program and Its Impact in the Local Community

This mission is committed to bringing positive impact in the lives of people more so the less privilege. It is composed of agents of USHEALTH Advisors, which is USHA. It is a mission of helping other people every day and Troy McQuagge initiated it. He was the president at that particular time in the country. It took up various tasks like, rebuilding homes in areas where there are hard situations and, did a lot of volunteer work in safeguarding the residents in the lower city locations. As we speak, this mission has undergone a lot of growth with the president than serving as the CEO of that particular organization. It is committed more so to giving more back to the local community as you engage with normal business and appreciating lives. For this mission, there is no better way to live than to serve others and those around you. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

The Mission

The mission of the organization is to bring help to people every day by serving and finding something to give back to the people as they prosper in their business. For example, they do clothing, foodstuffs, and various necessary supplies to the people. They also support organizations that are nonprofit based on improving the lifestyles of people around them. Like they can give out check worth various cash amounts to cater for particular bills. It is through the commitment of every staff and every individual that the company is able to accomplish its mission and expand its terms of service.

Troy’s Idea behind the Mission

Like any other organization, there are visions and the mission of the operation and so it was with this mission. The idea with Troy was to help and serve other people whenever they are in a position to do so and wherever they get such an opportunity. This is by the fact that for every company there needs to be a soul and that soul is in the core of people, which then means that the best way to run a business is by helping others to live a life. Since then it became the responsibility of the company to practice the mission.

What has contributed to the exponent growth in the company is due to the selflessness of the company leaders and staff in showing kindness to the local communities all over America. They have done and continues to do local charities and programs to the advantage of the local community. This kind of mission by this organization does not only focus on the helping others and enriching the local community but also builds the terms of service in appreciating living lives from self-point is far much successful. Read:


Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

For over 30 years the Sussex Health Care has given award-winning personal care to 30,000 people and has been accredited since 2002.
They can be found in the village of Broadbridge Heath, off the A281 and A29 just outside Horsham in West Sussex.

What kind of services and special programs does Sussex Healthcare offer?
The services are to improve the quality of life for older people as well as offering dementia care, neurological care, and PMLD.
The services offered:

• Provisions for up to ten people
• Ground floor accommodation
• Facilities
• Kitchen and dining area
• IT/Games room
• Experienced staff team
• Call system
• Local GPs will visit the home regularly and be on call at all times
• Holistic therapies – physiotherapy, occupational therapy, reflexology, aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy
• Special baths and aids
• A variety of activities
• Opportunities for work experience and further education
• Special gym

Older People

Sussex Health Care has a team of highly trained nurses and qualified staff 24 hours a day to provide a stable, safe, and comfortable home for elderly because they understand how important it is for individuals to receive physical, intellectual, emotional, and social daily actives each day.

Sussex Health Care has extensive experience with making people with dementia feel like home by staff members who take the time to get the know the residents and assist them with remembering past days by using familiar objects and memory boxes.

Neurological Care

There are also options for those with neurological and have received brain trauma, who need support at home. They have helped many overcome a variety of conditions including Huntington’s, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and so many others.

The facilities have in-house physiotherapists, speech therapists, assists to give a helping hand, and other alternative therapies like reflexology and aromatherapy. The homes also include a spa/hydrotherapy pools.

Learning Disabilities

People with learning disabilities are welcome to receive residential support even within an ordinary home and will be encouraged to build essential skills such as shopping for themselves, mowing the lawn, and work experience.

If a person is unable to verbally communicate then the friendly staff at Sussex Health Care are able to use other methods of communication with the help of technology, switches, computer systems, touch screens, and so many others to try.

Overall Services

Many people with a variety of health and social requirements come to take residential care and participate in daily active programs such as handicraft, quizzes, reminiscence sessions, music, movement, cooking, and art.

Additionally, each resident has access to a wide range of experts to meet all the needs and desires of the individuals with therapy, physical therapy, occupation therapy and reflexology.

Mealtime is also essential in their home and tasty wholesome dishes are elegantly prepared by trained chefs who only use fresh high-quality ingredients.

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Imran Haque is Changing the Internal Medicine Landscape in North Carolina

Internal medicine is offered by few specialized hospitals. This situation denies many people the opportunity to enjoy these services. However, Imran is working towards changing this concern. As a young doctor working at an internal medicine hospital, Haque noticed the gap in the industry. To this end, he deemed it fit to provide solutions to the same. He quit his position at the hospital to chase this dream. Today, he is the proprietor of Horizon Internal Medicine. The company is bringing internal medicine services closer to people by opening more branches and recruiting highly qualified doctors. According to the doctor, this approach has been successful. He receives loads of positive feedback from many satisfied clients. These responses have acted as motivation to the doctor, who is now pushing to ensure that the hospital opens a branch in every corner of the state and what Imran Haque knows.

Hard work, thorough research, diligence, and finance are key factors for bringing ideas to life. According to Haque, failure in one of these factors can threaten the success of any idea. While working on an idea, entrepreneurs need to be organized and patient. The two tenets ensure that the idea does not go to waste. The doctor opines that networking is a good strategy of enhancing an idea’s chance of success. He goes ahead to posit that it is important to create symbiotic relationships with other entrepreneurs and businesses whenever possible and more information click here.

Imran Haque loves the integration of technology in health care. This process has brought many improvements in the field, thus making it possible to undertake different procedures. Centralization of information has led to simplified data-entry, ordering, record keeping, follow-up, and coordinated care. The system offers information on real time basis. Once the data has been entered, all medical professionals connected to the system can access the system. Haque adds that Barrack Obama has significantly influenced his thinking, including his calm demeanor under pressure.

Imran is a shrewd entrepreneur, doctor, and health care expert. The internal medicine expert practices at Horizon Internal Medicine. The hospital network is headquartered in Asheboro, North Carolina. Imran holds an MD from the University of Virginia and a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE). He has over 15 years of experience in treating various illnesses and Imran Haque’s lacrosse camp.

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Perfect Strategies For Losing Weight and Burning Fat

The reasons to lose weight and get into shape are numerous. For the majority of people, the goal is to shed a few pounds to fit into smaller clothes or to improve their physique in a bathing suit. Others, however, need to lose weight for potentially serious health reasons. Whatever your motivation, there are a variety of weight loss tips and principles that can help you.
It is very important that you take a realistic look at your situation. Setting unrealistic goals will lead you to disappointment when those goals are not met. This tends to lead to less enthusiasm, which is the first step in giving up on your goals. Losing weight and getting into shape is not an overnight process. Instead, it is a gradual shift that must be taken one step at a time. Every day that you stick to your goals is a victory.
One of the most vital parts of the weight loss process is developing a focused, determined, and realistic mindset. This is very important, as fitness and weight reduction can be very frustrating for most individuals. Getting into shape also requires a variety of sacrifices that will effect your day to day life. You will be forced to give up many of the foods you crave, and you will need to develop an active lifestyle. Don’t rely on silly fad diets or other products that promise to make weight loss easy. These things tend to fail, and even when they do provide results, they tend to be temporary and lead to weight fluctuation.
Accepting and embracing the challenges laid out before you is key. One of the biggest, and most difficult, challenges is dealing with an unhealthy diet that directly contributes to obesity. Failing to deal with a poor diet will sabotage all of your hard work. It is essentially impossible to lose weight without getting healthy. In order to get healthy, you must eat healthy.
A diet that is loaded with saturated fat and sugar is not only bad for your health, but it is a key component in weight gain. It is advisable that you begin eliminating most fast food and many of the packaged, processed items that you find in grocery stores. A healthy diet needs to consist largely of lean meat, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Things like turkey, baked chicken, and fish are great sources of protein. Pair these meats with raw vegetables to create a healthy meal.
Often overlooked, your source of hydration is also very key in reaching your goals. Most sodas, energy drinks, and even sports drinks are full of excess calories and sugars that will wreck your progress. The absolute best way to hydrate the body is water. Drinking many glasses of water every day will reduce the water that your body retains, while also boosting your energy levels while flushing undesirable toxins out of the body.
Many subscribe to the classic “three meals a day” way of eating. Unfortunately, this is not ideal, especially if those three meals are relatively large and loaded with calories. A better way of eating is spreading out your meals throughout the day and lessening the portion size of those meals. 5 or 6 small meals a day is a good rule of thumb. Try and eat somewhere between 300-450 calories in each meal approximately every three hours or so. This is a great way to learn portion control, but it will also increase your metabolism and will boost your energy levels.  In fact, a system like Nutrisystem can help you adapt to a new way of eating for weight loss.  Plus, you’ll be surprised at the how effective Nutrisystem for men can be.
Learning to deal with a poor diet is extremely important. It is also advisable that you take your new diet and couple it with regular workouts that consist of resistance training to build muscle, and cardiovascular training to burn off excess calories and fat deposits. With a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, it is only a matter of time until you get the body you want. What you should do is find a diet that have a lot of fiber in them. These are very good for you. This is because they help you lose weight through colon cleansing. The effects of this diet can last you a long time. It’s great for you because this does not cause your body to lose any nutrients that it needs. You should never think about going on a diet that deprives your body of vital nutrients that keep you healthy and strong.

The contribution of USHEALTH to the quality of insurance

The services offered by the Ushealth Group

Most insurance companies offer their policies according to the demands of the market. These companies tend to use the flow of the market to dictate the flow of demands. Ushealth as a company focuses on providing specific insurance policies to their clients. The company only bases their insurance products on health. Currently, Ushealth provides insurance policies on dental problems, accidents, diseases that are specified by the clients, illnesses that are in critical conditions, disabilities that are as results of accidents and can only last a few months, visions and several other conditions. The conditions are covered based on the terms of agreements with the clients as guided by the policies of the companies.

The quality and experience of service

Currently, the company has a customer base of about 15 million people. This is a huge population. With this number of customers, there are policies which are used to guide each service. Since Ushealth Group is a group of companies, it has a collective duration of experience of 50 years. The company offers competitive rates in the industry today. Clients can select the rates which suit their desires. As a client, there is an option of selecting daily medical covers or focusing on specific events. These services are offered on different levels as explained by the agents

The methods of operation

With a customer base of 15 million people, the customers may not be properly served by the current employees. The customer base is too large to be handled at the headquarters. For this reason, Ushealth Group has come up with a system where they have agents at strategic places that will help the clients at the points of need. Since the customers demand efficiency and excellence in the services offered, the agents have people who are working under them. The means of operation has provided a system where each customer is reached, and their concerns are addressed at their points of comfort.

The background and location of USHEALTH Group

Started in 1982, the company has focused on offering insurance services especially on matters that affect health. Initially, between 1982 and 2005, the company operated under the name Ascent Assurance. Other companies later joined the Ascent Assurance in the bid to work together. Owing to the nature of their businesses, the company changed its name to USHEALTH in 2005. The sole mission was to reach more people and to focus on the provision of quality services. Unlike all the other insurance companies, USHEALTH has a genuine concern about the state of health. The organization ensures that the clients get the best medical services. The quality of work that it has always maintained has been the marketing factor for the duration that it has stayed in operation.

Troy McQuagge – Helping Increase the Revenue of USHEALTH Group Considerably

It is a well-known fact that the healthcare and medical costs in the United States are very expensive. It is for this reason; it is essential for everyone in the country to have medical insurance. Having a health insurance would ensure that in the case of any medical emergency or health issues, the related medical costs would be covered under the insurance coverage and paid for by the insurance company. The United States insurance industry is amongst the biggest in the country, and due to widespread nature of this sector, many insurance companies in the industry are trying to work its way to the top.



One amongst the top insurance companies in the United States is USHEALTH Group, which provides a broad range of insurance products to the people through its two subsidiary companies, namely Freedom Life Insurance Company and the National Life Insurance Company. In 2010, one of the leading executives in the financial and business world, Troy McQuagge was named the Chief Executive Officer of the USHEALTH Group.



The business initiatives implemented by Troy McQuagge has helped the company to penetrate the consumer market further and increase the revenue of the company manifolds. Moreover, Troy McQuagge is known to be an excellent analyst of the market, which has helped him understand what the consumers are looking for. It is what has helped him devise some of the most popular insurance products for the company, which has contributed majorly to the success of the company.



Troy McQuagge has helped in ways more than one to turn around the business of the company by making significant changes in the company’s business structure. There were many shortcomings in the way the company conducted business, which Troy MCQuagge personally modified and restructured to ensure seamless business growth. Troy believes that the success of the company depends on how efficient its internal structure and workings are, which is why he focused inwards rather than outwards when he joined the company in 2010.



However, he ensured that he kept a balance in focusing on both inwards and outward business of the company later on after streamlining the few rough edges. Troy McQuagge also played a significant role in increasing the revenue generated by one of the subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group, namely USHEALTH Advisors. It is a company that has been in the negative for a long time, but Troy McQuagge was able to turn it around through his business development initiatives.



Troy McQuagge was recently named as the winner of the Best CEO Category at the One Planet Awards 2017. It is an award show where the companies and executives from across the globe participate, making it one of the most competitive awards in the world.

InnovaCare Health: Bridging the Gap in the Health Care System

Creating a Company that Makes a Difference

Being in good health is of great importance to every individual. This is where companies like InnovaCare Health come in. Its main focus is providing good medical care. Like every other company, InnovaCare works hard to maintain its place in the society and also add to its growth, by ensuring they hire qualified personnel. They have also placed emphasis on ensuring there is a proper communication system and teamwork. Their goal is to change the governance of the health care system. InnovaCare is led by a team of well-trained professionals, with the President being Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Shinto earned his B.S. from the University of California, an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands and a medical degree from the University of New York. Many have acknowledged that he is the reason that the InnovaCare Health is such a success.

Dr. Shinto worked as the CEO of Aveta Inc. before he was hired at InnovaCare in 2012. While in Aveta, he got an award for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. Before taking a position with Aveta, Dr. Shinto was a Chief Medical Officer of NAMM in California. Before then, he was Chief Medical Officer for Medical Pathways Management companies. His work portfolio is quite impressive, projecting a man who knows his way in the medical field. Read this article at Open Minds.

The Health Care Team

Another member of this great team is Penelope Kokkinides. She joined InnovaCare together with Dr. Rick Shinto and three other people. She works as the Chief Administrator and had previously worked as the company’s COO. She has also worked as the COO of Aveta Inc. and as its Clinical Operation’s vice president. Her experience in Clinical programs’ development is vast. With this team of people, InnovaCare has made it more affordable to seek medical attention to low-income earners. The number of people using InnovaCare compared to insurance has risen to 70%. It is recommended to read Dr. Shinto’s work as he has published some books on clinical medicine.

Growing more in Future

With such a committed healthcare expert, InnovaCare Health will continue to thrive in the coming years. The number of people using InnovaCare is bound to rise from the current percentage. The true passion and desire of Rick Shinto to bring a much-required change will boost this company’s future growth. This is one company everyone should look out for. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com