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Neurocore Takes The Neuroscience Industry By Storm

For close to fifteen years now, Neurocore has helped adults and children make the most of their brains. They have offered brain assessments and training programs at their Brain Performance Centers. The company has heavily relied on neurofeedback, EEG and qEEG to offer their services. In some instances they have included heart rate variability training in their activities.

Patients who have walked through their doors are better placed to manage stress and have sharper brains. Their susceptibility to sleep disorders is also reduced considerably. Their mind-body connections are also enhanced. Neurocore’s brain performance centers are spread out in both Michigan and Florida. The firm has made a name for itself as far as neuroscience applications are concerned.

Neurocore has also offered its services to a number of franchises as well as athletes. The sports professionals are able to keep tabs on different body systems in a bid to optimise their performances. The Portland Trail Blazers are among the high profile teams that have added neurofeedback to training programs. The stress levels and recovery of the players is monitored to help keep them in good shape.

A good number of mental disorders can also be handled thanks to the influx in brain knowledge. Patients with anxiety and depression have received treatment through the neurofeedback technology. Electroencephalography and qEEG have also come in handy in the treatment of these conditions.

Alessandro Volta and Luigi Galvani, 18th century Italian scientists, are credited as the pioneers in the field of neuroscience. Their theories and methods have been enhanced over the years to give us what we have today. They helped to demystify electrophysiology and scientists have since built on their work.

Neurocore is looking to step up their applications in neuroscience. Their team is trying to find out how neurofeedback is influenced by a host of psychological factors. The findings of this research will go a long way in influencing the general scope of neuroscience. They have the potential of turning neuroscience on its head.

InnovaCare Health Shows People They Can Get Healthcare Solutions


When InnovaCare Health steps in to help people with the solutions they need, they make a point to always show them things will get better. They also make a point of allowing people to take charge of all their own medical opportunities. InnovaCare Health knows what it takes. They aren’t afraid to give people the chance they need to be successful and that’s how they do business the right way. As long as there are things for people to use, InnovaCare Health knows they’ve done a great job at making the healthcare industry better. They also know what they can do to give back to the industry.


To give back to the doctors who worked so hard to get their help the right way, InnovaCare Health knows what they need to do. They take their time and show people how things will get better. They also do what they can to make the industry standards better than they’ve ever been. Since InnovaCare Health knows what they can do to help people, they feel good about the options they have. They also feel as though there are things that allow them the chance to move on with the issues in their life. See Related Link for more information.


If Innovacare Health can keep giving people what they need, they know things will get better. They also know they’ll make a choice that will allow them to be successful for years to come. As long as InnovaCare Health knows how to help people, they’re making the medical industry better. They even have solutions to show them how to use Medicare to their advantage. Since it can be complicated, getting help with Medicare is important to many people who have to use the insurance plan. InnovaCare Health knew this and knew they could help them since they knew so much about it.


While they are helping patients, InnovaCare Health also helps those who run the facilities where the patients go. They are a company dedicated to providers and that’s what has helped them grow to help other people. It is their goal to give the providers all the help they give the patients. By doing this, InnovaCare Health knows what it takes and knows what they need to do to make things better on their own. They also know how they can give back to the people who are in the community and who need to go to a knowledgeable provider.


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How Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Are Advancing How People Pay Their Medicare Bills

Innovacare Health is a firm which provides physician practice services as well as Medicare Advantage Plans. Its corporate headquarters are located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. It is a privately-held firm which offers integrated payor and provider services to its customers which number around 467,000 people. In addition to Mainland United States they also offer services in Puerto Rico through their subsidiary, MMM Healthcare.


At InnovaCare Health their management team has more than 120 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry. Their model is based on smarter healthcare which included physicians who are fully engaged in treating patients. InnovaCare make use of the latest technological advances in their industry in order to streamline their practices and help deliver the best care for patients who use them.


Dr. Richard (Rick) Shinto is the president and chief executive officer of this business. He started out his professional career on the clinical rather than management side of health care. After he earned his MD at the Stony Brook campus of the State University of New York he moved to Southern California. For several years he was a pulmonologist and an internist. He decided he wanted to pursue an opportunity to become an executive in this industry, so he attended the University of Redland where he got his Master’s of Business Administration.

Before long, Dr. Rick Shinto was the CEO of Namm in California. His success led to him joining another healthcare firm, Aveta, Inc, as its new CEO. Just prior to joining Innovacare Health he was the CEO of MMM Healthcare.


Another dedicated member of the executive team at Innovacare Health is their Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides. She was with this company from 2009 to 2014, left briefly, and then rejoined the team about a year later. She has over 20 years of experience in this industry and has specialized in the two government health programs Medicare and Medicaid. View More Information Here.


In order to help advance healthcare, Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have been instrumental in Innovacare Health reforming their payment methods. This company launched a new Medicare payment plan which is set to revolutionize how people make their payments. The goal is to enable people to pay for any healthcare they receive based on how good the quality was of their care. This gives hospitals a reason to reduce the bills they send out coupled with offering better care to their patients.


InnovaCare Health, Bringing A Change In Puerto Rico!!

InnovaCare, a medical complex in Puerto Rico, where the patients remain the top priority in everything they do as the leading provider of Medicaid and Medicare. InnovaCare promises to provide the highest quality health care with the world’s most advanced technology available with the lowest charging rates than any other medical complex. InnovaCare provides with two Medicare plans known as MMM HealthCare and PMC Medicare Choice. InnovaCare has their own membership base with over 200,000 members which are being overlooked by more than 7,500 individuals.



InnovaCare fulfills its everyday mission with the help of their Medicaid and Medicare programs. These programs help the medical complex to complete their daily challenges of health management and environment. The Government Health Plan is also operated by InnovaCare with the permission granted by the Government of Puerto Rico. InnovaCare’s employees have decades of experience and plans for innovative care to the patients located in North America.



InnovaCare has earned multiple awards through the years as one of the best medical complexes ever. It has also earned an award for the best quality assurance. InnovaCare is the first ever medical complex in Puerto Rico with such services. The National Committee for Quality Assurance has verified that InnovaCare matches all standards of what is required to treat the patients with the best treatment ever.



InnovaCare Health has certain missions/tasks which the complex needs to achieve in order to successfully become an example for everyone. InnovaCare keeps on redefining the health management to meet the different challenges of today’s healthcare environment.



InnovaCare Health is mainly focused on the relationship between the medical complex and its patients. InnovaCare promises to provide its patients with the best treatment with the latest technology and care to make them feel better. InnovaCare provides special custom-built rooms in which the patient heals more quickly due to the custom environment of the room. Go Here to learn more.



In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health is the first choice for everyone who needs to get themselves checked up because InnovaCare has proven everyone that they can take care of their patients better than anyone else. InnovaCare’s Medical Store has all the medicine required for almost anything. This medical store is provided inside the medical complex. The medical store delivers the medicine to the patient’s room for his/her comfort.



InnovaCare Health has a financial aid program for those who cannot afford a surgery or medicine. The medical complex helps the needy people by making installments for the poor people. InnovaCare is one of the best medical complexes in the world and is improving more and more over time to satisfy their patients.


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