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Beyonce Is Headlining Coachella!

Beyonce is headlining Coachella this year!!!

We are so excited that Queen B is headlining Coachella. Last year, fans anticipated that B would be headlining the huge event, but her plans of having twins took precedent! We definitely understand a growing family, but we are even more excited that this year… the news has been officially confirmed!

Beyonce is known for her remarkable work ethic, so we are not surprised that less than one year after giving birth to a beautiful set of twins, the top charting trailblazer is ready to showcase her amazing talent and excellent stage presence at this year’s Coachella performance.

Truly, we can only imagine the packed house that will result, because of Beyonce’s appearance. She is well aware that her global fans come out in droves to support her at her concerts, and we do not expect that Coachella will be any different.

Beyonce has an ability to command the stage, and after her Superbowl performances, we have no doubt that this year’s Coachella performance will sizzle and excite every heart in the audience.

For those who are unaware, Coachella is an annual music festival that draws out superstar headliners, such as Lady Gaga and more. The annual festival brings out thousands per year and is typically streamed online for the world to see the headlining performances. So if you are unable to go see Queen B in person, there are definitely other options for you to still see the Coachella performance, and feel like you are also there!