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Gucci Mane and Future Releases New Mix Tape For Fans

It is always exciting to hear about two exceptionally talented hip-hop artists working together on a new project. In this case, Gucci Mane and Future decided it was time for them to smash the industry with a new mix tape. They completed recording “Free Bricks 2” in less than twenty-fours before releasing it to their devoted fans.


Free Bricks 2: Zone 6 Edition is expected to make huge waves within the next few days. This is the sequel to their first mix tape. Free Bricks was released in 2011. By many accounts, Free Bricks was a smashing success for two of the most recognizable rappers today. This is the main reason why Gucci and Future decided to work on a sequel.


The songs on the new album will feature six hot songs that were recorded in Atlanta, Georgia. Gucci Mane stated that the recording went well, and he is excited about giving the world a chance to hear some of his hottest work. Gucci Mane also stated that Future was surprised at how they were able to complete the project within one day.


Gucci decided to give anxious fans a sneak peek of the mix tape on Twitter. It is easy for anyone to see that Gucci and Future are optimistic about raising the bar for the mix tape sector in hip-hop. Free Bricks 2 may become one of the best mix tapes released in 2016.


Seven Weeks Free: A Lifetime of Better Choices Ahead for Gucci Mane

Rap and r&b have always been the music used to discuss a lifetime’s worth of events in roughly three or four minutes of heart pounding, emotion inducing beats. Embodying this idea has always been the artist, Gucci Mane. Despite the fact that the artist spent three years in prison, that did not deter him from the activity that has always had his heart: Making music.

Whereas a lot of people use prison as a time to strictly make music, Gucci Mane used it as an opportunity to better himself both physically and mentally, too. Since his release only a few, short months ago, he has been working tirelessly on a new album, which features Kanye West and other icons. Perhaps the biggest surprise of his release aside from his extensive weight loss has been his admittance to overcoming drug addiction.

Depicted in his new track, “No Sleep (intro),” is the fact that he overcame something that consumes so many, and how it has shaped him to be a better human being as well as a better artist with a greater work ethic. Coinciding with this go-getter mentality is the fact that the artist has temporarily stepped away from the studio to be in collaboration with the clothing line, Supreme, as well. A man using many talents and embracing a healthier lifestyle is something that benefits him immensely, and offers some perks to his greatest fans in the process.