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The E-governe System Adoption and Its Role in Organizations

The e-governe is a system that is used to manage and integrate the functions in an institution effectively. It improves the quality of services provided. It is being adopted by the municipalities to improve service to the population. The Brazilian municipality of Osasco in greater Sao Paulo has recently integrated with the ICIs (Instituto Curitiba de Informatica) client portfolio. It has signed a contract with the Institute for the implementation of the system. Osasco City is located in the Greater Sao Paulo. It is the 5th largest population among Sao Paulo municipalities. It has a thriving economy with the highest index of state development. It stands out for the entrepreneurship of its big population with more than 700 hundred thousand inhabitants known as “city work.” It has a dynamic and sustainable economy.

Its development is supported by industries, retail and wholesale trade companies, and service providers. This has attracted support by the city federations and other associations. The system has a broad range of advantages. It helps to ensure integration, uniqueness, and security of information, real–time issuance of management reports, and allows access to the internet. It also makes available shared reports, helps to minimize and eliminate rework, controls access privileges that are given according to the system administrators security levels defined, and ensures swiftness in opening the demands of the units.


Various organs in the municipality of Teresina participated in training on the implementation of the e-governe system. Prodater Miguel Oliveira is the president of the Teresina Data processing company. Miguel said that a meeting with the representatives of the Municipality Health Foundation, the Municipal Finance Department, and the Municipal Education Department was held to discuss the system of e-governe and its use in the optimization of the services in the municipality. Mayor Silvio Mendes said that e-governe system helps to speed up the response to population demands because it offers real-time information, identify problems, analyze suggestions, and monitor service provision. This play a major role for Teresina. It is the first system directed to the management of human resources and also helps to improve the agility of service to the public.


E-governe system also helps to manage the municipal and state health secretariats in public administration. E-governe system is used in the healthcare sector to improve the quality of the service provided to the population. It is effectively helping to eliminate queues. This improves service delivery in the sector. The system also carries out the ambulatory bed control and hospital services. It helps to perform the central ambulance and total management over financial resources. This brings leverage when it integrates with e-government materials. It has various benefits. They include the control of the patients flow from other municipalities and between health units, effectively managing financial transfers and attendance regionalization. It also does agreement control between the state and the municipalities and between the municipalities, allows correct dimensioning of health units, improves the work processes of the organization, and allows the structuring of the program of continuous health attention.