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IAP Worldwide Services Roles in the Society

IAP Worldwide Services is a globally recognized logistics provider. It provides wide ranges of services like the management of facilities and advanced professional technical services. It boasts of an enormous number of employees. These employees are in excesses of 2000 individuals. It is recognized worldwide because it has a presence in more than 25 countries around the world. IAP has been existent for than 60 years. These years in the business makes them the most experienced company in this field. Their capabilities range from; Government services, aviation technology, power solutions and infrastructural services on Based on these services that they provide, IAP is a major employer today. They employ across many fields of study; these include engineering, IT specialists and also individuals with a financial background. These jobs are advertised online, and mode of application is articulated on their website. IAP shares its information via their website because they don’t have a social media platform.

IAP Worldwide Services recently won a contract with the US Government. This contract is worth $53,000,000. This contract is about the distributed common ground system- Army for use by the government. It entails; the provision of logistics, training of support for the project manager and fielding of the support members. This army system will be used to solve the challenges faced by the USA Government and its friends across the globe. The system will be used for processing information, investigation, giving out intelligence and posting of data. The system will also be used to collect data about a given place regarding weather and terrain for a given military operation.

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During the restructuring of IAP Worldwide services, Kaye Scholer an internationally acclaimed law firm represented a group of lenders. Kaye Scholer represented them as an administrative agent. IAP owed more than $470,000,000 to its lenders. During the restructuring, IAP Worldwide Services was to convert close to 80 percent of its debt into equity. Kaye Scholer mandate was to represent them during this process of amendment.

IAP was called upon during the disastrous hurricane Mathew to provide assistance and emergency power. They deployed several teams across the east coast to reach as many victims as possible. In 2013, IAP Worldwide Services were awarded a contract by the US Army hence they are always on stand-by in case tragedies like Hurricane Mathew occur.

Recently, IAP Worldwide Services acquired two business units from DRS Technologies. These would play a bigger part in their long-term growth plans. The businesses are; Tactical Communication and Networking solutions for engineering and information technology. Aviation and Logistics would provide aircraft management.

IAP Worldwide Services Expands its Operations

IAP Worldwide Services is a respected market leader in providing services that meet and also exceed all the customer expectations. IAP specializes in facilities management advanced technical and professional services and international scale management. Since it was founded sixty years and since then, it has aimed at solving the challenging situations facing its clients. The employees in the institution have a lot of expertise, and they use the latest technology in their operations.

When the US Army troops are going for significant activities, IAP Worldwide Services is always present to provide the services they needed. The institution on has served the army for six decades, and it manages to successfully meet the emergency and contingency needs of the powerful troops.

IAP Worldwide Services is headquartered in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The institution has several offices in different parts of the globe. The institution’s first offices were in South Carolina, before moving to other regions of the country. The company was also known as International American Products initially before changing its name to IAP Worldwide in the year 2005.

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After establishing its roots in the market, IAP Worldwide first contract was to provide generator supplies to the United States troops that were in Saudi Arabia. The project was very successful, and it made the institution earn the trust of many organizations and companies in the United States military.

IAP Worldwide Services has also been very lucky to win several contracts from the international community. Most of the contracts won are in the emergency response, logistics, aviation support services, supply chain services, expeditionary services and communication facilities. The company has also earned the respect of many people for providing adequate power services. IAP Worldwide has enough resources to offer renewable energy services, power plant operations, and many other critical services.

Just recently, the international company announced that it had decided to acquire two businesses. The two companies are based in the US, and reports say that they will be integrated to form the aviation unit of the enterprise. With the new acquisitions, IAP Worldwide will be able to achieve its objectives and meet the customer needs.

The chief executive officer of the organization says that the partners, clients, and consultants of the company have been very supportive over the years, and the new project was successful because of the efforts put by all the parties. The employees of the organization are excited about the new businesses, and they are looking forward to serving the clients in better ways.

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IAP Worldwide: Expert Service Provider

We are a leading universal services company that has been in existence for more than 65 years. IAP is situated in Washington, D.C. and has over 2,000 employees in 25 nations around the globe. IAP Worldwide provides a wide variety of services to the United States and overseas governments in support of national security operations, and global charitable missions. Our clients can also access immense global procurement linkage to enable them sustain their operations.

We Are Dedicated to Making the Unmanageable Manageable

Are you faced with the most difficult challenge? Entrust IAP and it will deliver. We have what it takes to tackle problems speedily, creatively and in the most efficient manner on Facebook. We are a leading service provider of global-scale logistics, facilities management and advanced professional and technical services. IAP has the capability to function, uphold, construct and realistically sustain missions of any size and to take quick actions when it comes to supporting our customer’s needs.

IAP Worldwide Services’ contract with the US Navy

Recently the IAP worldwide service company landed a $15.6 million contract from the US Navy to offer support services to the Naval Air Station situated at River Patuxent, Md. The job entails administration supervision, working hours, working equipment, training and supplies, among others. The contract’s completion date was set for June 2017, and the amount could further increase to $ 45 million.

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IAP Worldwide Experts Contacted in Support of Hurricane

IAP Worldwide services are specialists when it comes to disaster management, and in a moment we are called to attend to them, we are always punctual. Our experts were contacted to provide the necessary support of Hurricane Mathew in FEMA regions IV, and V. Many teams have been deployed so as to support the states in support of Hurricane. IAP on Hoovers has not only been activated to provide assistance but also emergency power.

IAP As the Top Hiring Company in the US

IAPWorldwide Services has been known as the top hiring Company that provides various job opportunities to professionals in Operations, Program Management, General Management, Construction, Engineering, Accounting, and much more. It has also been named among the top 100 military Employers as ranked by GI Jobs Magazine.

If you’re interested in applying for any job or contract with us, feel free to visit our website and apply online. We always interact with our customers and employees in line with our core values – responsibility, respect, purpose, ingenuity and integrity.

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