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Do George Soros Plans Interfere with the Running of the Government?

George Soros is perhaps one of the most misunderstood people in the History of American politics. He has been in the limelight sometimes, and at times, from misguided news reporters who do not understand what he stands for and the values that George Soros believes in. There is a time when his name was mentioned in connection with the Charlottesville case. It was purported that he was the mastermind behind the motorist who drove into a crowd and fatally injured some White Supremacist demonstrators.

Anyone who understands the past that George has come from will out-rightly know that there is no truth to the claim. George grew up in Hungary during a time when Nazis occupied it. He was forced to flee the country and spent a lot of time trying to get his life together. He had his break in 1993 when he sold 10 billion pounds and made a profit of a billion pounds. He moved to the US, and as he continued growing his business empire, he also started working on the Open Society Foundations.

Soros has always believed that even though the society is not perfect, everyone has a responsibility to make sure that human experiences improve every day. In 2014, he was behind the Ferguson protests which erupted following the killing of an African American teenager by the police. He contributed the funds that aided in the hiring of the buses which took protestors to the state. By the time the protests ended, the message that Black Lives Matter had been passed across. From his involvement, we have seen a situation whereby the police have stopped using excessive force on black men. Previously, a simple traffic stop ending in the merciless shooting of an African American was the order of the day. Soros has, therefore, helped create a community that respects the rights of all their citizens, regardless of their skin color.

The other initiative that he has been part of is supporting the Liberals and most of the progressive policies that they believe in. For instance, Soros thinks that it is time to discuss gun control laws. This is after the series of incidences where tens of innocent lives have been lost and not because of terrorists, but because of locals who either had mental health issues and access to guns or other easily preventable reasons. Soros also believes that the campaign platform that was used by Trump is to blame for the radicalization and the re-emergence of groups such as the white supremacists. He does not believe that Trump’s behavior is in line with how a leader of the free world is supposed to behave. Only through open society groups can these issues be rectified.