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An Insight on Freedom Checks and How to Invest in Them

When it comes to the world of investments, there are experts as well as the individuals who are new to the game. All in all, most people have heard about “freedom checks” as well as the various benefits that accrue from investing in them. With that said, it is evident that many people opt for shortcuts at times with the primary aim of achieving short-term benefits as fast as they can. Additionally, people are always afraid of investing their money in something that they do not understand well. Well, it is good to be cautious since various scams do lure people into investing vast sums of money and the end of it all they tend to reap nothing from what they sowed.

Background Information

Freedom checks have not been present for long, but they are a viable investment for the various individuals who are interested in reaping enormous benefits. Well, the reality is that these checks are real and they are not a scam. All you need to do is follow the required basics, and you’ll be good to go. With that as the case, it is good to elaborate more about this checks so as to clear the air for the various investors who may have any doubt about what these checks entail among other things.

To begin with, Matt Badiali is the man behind the introduction of this freedom checks. Well, Matt Badiali is a geologist by profession, and he also holds a Master’s Degree in earth science. Far from that, his profession has allowed him to tour the world. During his visits to the various countries, he has been inspecting oil fields, coal mines, among other forms of fuel in a pursuit to determine their legitimacy.

Additional Information

While in the field, Matt Badiali has been interacting with the leaders of the various industries and he has been able to gain insights in the various viable investments that are deemed feasible by the many CEO’s and leaders that he has been in contact with. Far from that, Matt Badiali has engaged in various investment opportunities such as investing in stocks. His first encounter with the stock market was during the 2008 market crash where he invested a lump sum amount of money in energy stocks even though he was advised to forfeit the risky endeavor. At that time, the stocks were worth $0.06 each, and by 2010, the price of the stocks had gained value, and they were worth $2.64 thereby earning Matt Badiali a 4,440 percent increment in the money that he had initially invested.


With that said, Matt Badiali has amassed a positive reputation as a skilled investor, and as of now, he is advising people to invest in freedom checks. Well, these checks require an initial investment, but in the long run, you are bound to reap huge profits. Far from that, the freedom checks amass profits generated from the various investments within master limited partnerships.

Matt Badiali: Proponent of Freedom Checks

If you’re well-versed in the world of investments, you’re probably already familiar with dividends and capital gains, but there is a new way to make your money work for you, especially when it comes to natural resources. If you’re not familiar with “freedom checks” they are part and parcel of an investment model predicated on statute 26-F, enacted by Congress in 1987. Freedom checks are issued by companies who meet government eligibility requirements necessary to make these payouts. Who are these companies? Well, they are companies operating primarily in the oil and gas industry and who, collectively, make up the Master Limited Partnerships program, which currently encompasses more than 560 different companies.

How do freedom checks work? Well, unlike traditional dividend checks, which are defined as payments made to shareholders from corporations, freedom checks are taxed differently. These checks are taxed as capital as opposed to income; as a result, investors do not pay income tax normally associated with dividend checks. The primary requirement for companies that issue freedom checks is that they pay out a minimum of 90% of their generated income to their investors. The rate of return for those who opt to invest in Master Limited Partnership companies far exceeds that of traditional investment products like CDs, money market accounts, and corporate junk bonds. For example, an investor who chooses to invest $1,000-dollars in an MLP company can, in 20 years, make almost $150,000-dollars.

A huge proponent of freedom checks is Matt Badiali, an investment expert and the Founder of Real Wealth Strategist, a Bayan Hill Publishing financial newsletter. According to an article in, an online resource for insights on the economy and global market analysis, Matt Badiali discovered this unique investment tool while looking for ways to generate capital that could be used to fund the exploration of new oil and gas pipelines. MLPs, as well as statue 26-F, represented a win-win for the corporations and the investors alike.

If you’re not familiar with Matt Badiali’s background, he is a Penn State University alumnus, who earned a B.S. in Geological and Earth Sciences, in 1992. From there, Badiali went on to attend Florida Atlantic University, where he earned his Masters degree in Geology and Earth Science. In an effort to broaden his knowledge in these fields, he enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with the intentions of earning a Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete his education at the University due to family reasons. Ultimately, Matt Badiali became a Geology professor at the University of Carolina, where he remained until he hired by a financial expert who needed his expertise in the geology. This opportunity completely changed the trajectory of Matt Badiali’s career, making him a natural resource investment expert, and later, the Founder of a financial newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist. You can learn more about Matt Badiali by visiting: