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Frank Ocean’s Producer Explains Album Delay

Fans of Frank Ocean have been eagerly awaiting his upcoming album Boys Don’t Cry for four years, since the release of his last album Channel Orange. The album was due to be released this July, but the month came and went without any new music. Then, after a video of Frank Ocean working surfaced, the New York Times announced that the album would be released on August 5. Much to the chagrin and frustration of fans, Boys Don’t Cry is still nowhere to be seen. Since then, fans have tweeted jokes, created memes, and filmed pleading Vine videos as a way to cope with their annoyance.

As a way to address fan’s concerns, Frank Ocean’s producer Malay lead an AMA (Ask Me Anything) discussion on Reddit on August 15. Many fans expressed their frustration and disappointment but many asked similar questions: when will Boys Don’t Cry finally drop? Malay tried to defend both himself and Frank Ocean by responding in an understanding yet firm way.

“First of all, we massively appreciate and love you guys. Frank has told me this himself many times.” Malay said. “To be fair tho, art cannot be rushed. It’s about making sure the perfect aesthetic for the situation has been reached. To do that takes constant tweaking, trial, and error. That goes for any creative situation.”

Though fans can hold onto what little hope they still feel, do not expect to see Boys Don’t Cry anytime soon. In the meantime, fans can download an app that scans iTunes, Spotify, and Twitter and will send them a link to the new album when it finally is released.

Frank Ocean’s Fans Have an App to Tide Them Over, but the Anger Still Stands

All good artists will make their fans wait once in a while, but some just push people’s patience to its absolute limits. Frank Ocean, for example, has not released an album since 2013 and fans are getting a little antsy wondering when his new one, Boys Don’t Cry, is due to drop. Perhaps they would not be so peeved if Ocean did not constantly post screenshots of prospective dates that never seem to arrive. When August 5, 2016 rolled around and fans awaited the release as they were promised, their disappointment quickly turned to rage. In order to alleviate some of this angst, an app company decided to help out both the fans and the artist.

As the definite promise of a late summer release date approaches, fans are growing a little tired of constantly refreshing their browsers in the hope to see that the album has, in fact, dropped. As a result, a company developed (650)82Ocean that will immediately alert users when the album releases. Due to its persistent scanning of Spotify, iTunes, Twitter, and other links, the app will find the album before any other user and notify those who have signed up for the app with a text alert or an email.

In less than two days of the launch of the app, it has over twelve thousand users and counting. Not only does this number benefit the application creators, but greatly reduces the stress felt by fans as they sit in front of their computers and phones eagerly awaiting that drop. Of course, this app takes some of the heat off of Ocean himself as he has been experiencing some backlash from his decreasingly adoring fans. Decisively, one thing remains the same: Frank Ocean needs to get his act together and release Boys Don’t Cry before some disgruntled fans take their admiration elsewhere.

Frank Ocean Overdoes It With the Hype Factor

Some of earth’s greatest treasures were best kept as secret…at least for a little while. People have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for Frank Ocean to release a new album. While this anxiety has not been totally unjustified, as Ocean regularly screenshots what appears to be prospective dates, it is proving absolutely panic attack-inducing when those dates never seem to come. Recently, a proposed July date came and went with no new music nor the drop of an album, but it did come equipped with a smidge of evidence potentially validating that the official release date is near, and oh so glorious.

The r&b artist updated his website with a fairly brief clip that appears to be a portion of his new music video. The singer appears to be roaming aimlessly through a warehouse, seemingly as confused as avid fans and viewers were when watching this clip. Little insight was provided except for Ocean’s tweet stating that, “New video/music project is up and running.” Well, if this is simply a project to pass the time, those who have been waiting patiently are not amused, Frank.

The video was accented with an Apple Music logo, so that also offered a glimmer of hope. With the arrival of August and the reduction of the publication of false dates, fans allow that excitement to grow back in their hearts. Frank Ocean, the hype factor just might be growing tiresome, but your loyal fans are still with you.