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OSI Group Named in Forbes List of Largest Private American Companies

The OSI Group, a global provider of processed meats and foods, was recently named in Forbes magazine’s coveted list of largest private American companies. Representatives from the OSI Group recently discussed being named to the list during a press conference with an Illinois weekly business magazine. To celebrate the addition of the OSI Group to the Forbes list, the company’s CEO discussed the history of the company and described the way the company developed from a family-based business in the Chicago area to a global conglomerate worthy of a mention from Forbes. Sheldon Lavin, the company’s chairman and CEO, stated that the company has grown to become number 58 on the Forbes list of largest private American companies because the company has always focused on the establishment of relationships with successful corporations and customers.

Establishment of Relationships With Successful Corporations

Lavin discussed the OSI Group’s development of successful business relationships in the early days of the company’s history. The OSI Group opened as a small family business in the early part of 1909. The year it opened, the company’s founder, Otto Kolschowsky, developed a relationship with the founders of the McDonald’s restaurant, which was new at the time. Through this relationship, the OSI eventually became the primary supplier of McDonald’s which grew larger and larger with each passing year. As the franchise grew, the OSI Group became more and more successful and eventually provided meat production services for several national and local restaurants in the United States. After acquiring the business of several large grocery suppliers in North America, the OSI Group became on of the largest private companies in the United States and was slowly becoming a global brand. By the year 2000, the OSI Group had developed relationships with several large restaurant franchises in Europe and Asia and had established a global presence.

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Establishment of Relationships With Customers

Sheldon Lavin also discussed the importance of the OSI Group’s early establishment of relationships with customers and its role in the success and future expansion of the company. During the OSI Group’s early days of operation in the Chicago area, Otto Kolschowsky ensured the company’s success by carefully creating lasting relationships between himself and his local customers. By the time Kolschowsky was ready to hand the reigns of the company down to his sons, the OSI Group had established a stellar reputation with local businesses and local customers. Customers in the Chicago area shopped for meat from the OSI Group because they trusted Kolschowsky and had experienced the quality of his product.

Otto Kolschowsky is now known as a business owner who had a vast understanding of multi-generational vision. The businessman believed in the principals of small-town business and was sure to pass these ideals down to his sons and employees. The simple principal of relational development caused a great deal of the initial success that the OSI Group experienced. This principal is, in fact, the reason that the company is now among the leading private companies in America.

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