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James Dondero Balances Business Success and Philanthropy

In the competitive world of banking and finance it can be incredibly easy to get lost in your work and not pay attention to things that matter such as family or community, but James Dondero (CEO and Founder of Highland Capital Management) has somehow been able to balance the demands of his company with the need to give back to his community. The success of Dondero is proof that you can in fact give your all to multiple things at once. Visit his website at

Since 1991, Dondero has helped build Highland Capital Management from the ground up and after a few decades of booming business it goes without saying that he is one of the most respected names in the field of alternative credit management. Before going out on his own path he worked for finance giants like American Express and JPMorgan Chase & Company, but he is most known for his success with Highland Capital. After $2 Billion dollars of business it is safe to say that James Dondero and his company will be around for a long time to come, continuing to lead the way through innovation and fair practice in the field of banking and credit. Read more about James Dondero on

Beyond all of that business success is a man who is passionate about giving back to the folks of Dallas, Texas. In fact, just a few months ago Dondero’s company gave a $10 million dollar donation to the George W. Bush Presidential Center located in Dallas — but that is just one of the many ways he has helped out the city. In addition to that, he has organized a fund to help rebuild the hippo habitat at the Dallas Zoo as well as putting together a Mother’s Day event for the folks from The Family Place (a Dallas based organization designed to stop domestic/family violence).

Taking your own company and leading it through multiple decades takes patience and gumption, something that it is clear James Dondero has in spades. However, it is not just the success at Highland Capital Management that sets James Dondero apart — it is his willingness to give back to his local community, and his passion for helping others out.