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Facts You Need To Know About Highland’s Korean Private Venture Fund

In May 2017, Highland Capital Management Korea Limited which is a registered affiliate of Highland Capital Management that is based on Dallas managed to close an equity fund (private) worth $147 million that is related to health care. The main investor in the fund is South Korea’s National Pension Service that was started in 1988.

The nation’s pension fund is worth approximately KRW 565.01 trillion (equivalent of $499 billion). The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute indicated that their corpus is worth not less than $465 billion. For the investors taking part in the fund, they have a certain number of objectives that they intend to accomplish. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

First of all, they must make sure that they make a good return on investment. Highland Capital Management Korea Limited offered them with a unique chance in the sense that their investment can cater and adequately look for other co-investment opportunities so as to achieve their objectives for the US, Korea and Chinese diverse markets.

So as to have a smooth and efficient operation in Korea, Highland Capital started working with well known Korean venture and private equity firm, Stonebridge Capital, as a co-manager of the funds. Being the company’s first health-care oriented fund in Asia, it is fully determined to deliver not just to the investors, but to the clients as well.

The fund’s approach has been very well laid out in the sense that it goes totally in sync with Highland’s core capabilities. Having a deep expertise in matters related to managing funds in the healthcare niche, Highlands definitely makes a perfect partner for the endeavor. The middle class healthcare companies that hail from Asia as well as North America will be the main targets of the fund. In May 2017, Highlands reported that it had not less than $15 billion healthcare assets that were under its management. Read more at

Over the years, the company has realized that the American healthcare industry faces a lot forces that have a very large disruptive effect on middle class market. From that point of view, Highlands realized that for it to continue being afloat business-wise, it is important to venture into other promising and better markets.

The Korean healthcare market will no doubt reap very huge benefits emanating from the private equity fund and in the process, offer a lot of significance value to the overall customer. On its hand, Highlands will continue being the market leader on matters health private-equity not just in America, but in other parts of the globe as well.


Brian bears the hallmarks of a serial entrepreneur

Brian Bonar Descends on San Diego Brian Bonar has earned a reputation for excellence in business more so at the top level of management.

His expertise in financial management has seen him pursue a fruitful career at prestigious firms such as Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept Incorporated.

There’s always that new challenge and responsibility he seeks at the workplace. This hunger
propels his desire to implement firm administrative structures at the

Unknown to many, Brian Bonar started out as a Technical Engineer having graduated from the James Watt Technical College. Even at Masters level, Mr. Bonar enrolled at Stafford University for a Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Many believe that Mr. Bonar brought the values of engineering to his corporate responsibilities thus building firm administrative and financial foundations for all his businesses. One of his standout qualities is his creative mind. Brian Bonar never runs out of moves and has a habit of seeing what his peers don’t.

This creative genius, therefore, specializes in mergers and acquisitions of other companies, a strategy which sees Dalrada Financial and Trucept expand. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Brian’s experience also allowed him the freedom to establish Bezier Systems, his flagship company. The San Diego-based company allows Brian to exercise his creativity and invest in a broad range of industries.

Brain lives by the principles of innovation, re-invention and focus. He can take an existing idea and mold it to perfection. Once he gets focused on a task at hand, you can rest assured he will achieve the desired outcome.
In the recent past, Brian Bonar ventured into the hospitality industry in San Diego. Read more:  Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

The target here was a hotel empire, and he identified a 150-acre ranch for the project. It featured an event hosting venue complete with boarding facilities and hotel.

The hotel named Bellamy’s had to lure visitors from the greater Northern County. Brian Bonar already saw the need to have a world-famous chef to guarantee exceptional service to his customers. Step forward Chef Patrick Ponsaty of Toulouse, France. Chef Patrick’s presence has converted the event space into a competitive destination for event planners and hosts.

Brian Bonar just knew customers clamor for the prestige of getting served by the best Chef in the entire world. Chef Patrick also makes such an excellent culinary presentation for every client on the ranch. A partnership has formed between the investor and his chef, and the business is already making good returns.

Brian Bonar made acoupe in capturing the services of Chef Patrick. Bellamy’s restaurant and the ranch at large have now become Chef Patrick’s yard. The experienced chef also gets the freedom to make his signature dishes and experiment with other cuisines.