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Agora Financial Helping People Achieve Their Wealth Creation Goals Simply

People who are looking to have a safe and secure financial future must plan their finances in a disciplined manner. The market is filled with a wide variety of investment options, and it often confuses people as to where they should invest and put their money. Different financial magazines are there to help people make a wise investment decision, but not all information out there can be trusted. However, one of the publishing houses that are trusted by millions of people for providing trusted and reliable financial information is Agora Financial. The company has been around 1979 when it was established by Bill Bonner, one of the most noted economic correspondents of his time. The primary aim of Bill Bonner behind founding Agora Financial was to help everyday people learn about organizing their finances and speculate the market movements.

When it comes to investments, the people need to know when to invest in the market and when to pull out. Agora Financial helps people see where the market is heading so that they can make their financial choices accordingly. Agora Financial has its company headquarters based in Baltimore, Maryland. The company has over a million subscribers, and the count continues to increase with time. The market predictions made by the company from time to time are very helpful for its readers. There are many financial companies out there that are trying to lure people to invest in their investment options, but for people to differentiate between good and the bad investments, it is necessary to have some expert analysis to base their decisions upon. It is where Agora Financial comes in. The company has hired some of the best financial advisers to carefully analyze the market volatility and provide the output to the readers.

The reason why Agora Financial is one of the most trusted publishing houses in the country is that the company doesn’t take money from any brand or institutions to endorse any particular investment tool. It showcases the honesty of the company and why the people should make use of the information it provides. Agora Financial has been able to make a huge difference in the lives of its readers by providing them with the information they need to reorganize their finance and achieve their long-term financial goals. The company has invested millions in gathering information and analyzing the market movements so that the readers can benefit from it.For people who are looking to achieve their long-term wealth creation goals or want to know more about how to arrange their finances in order, taking the advantages of the tips and guides provided by the publications of Agora Financial is an ideal choice. The tips and financial guidance provided by Agora Financial has helped many of its readers achieve their financial objectives.

David Giertz Advice to Financial Analysts to Stay on Top

In an interview with Veronica Dagher, David Giertz, an experienced financial adviser at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation elucidates the significance of discussing social security with one’s customers. This is because failure to discuss this subject will result in detrimental effects for both the financial adviser and their clients.

According to a study conducted on recently retired persons and some that retired over a decade ago, it is clear that many advisers have evaded the talk on social security with their customers. Mr David Giertz clarifies that the subject is vital when one is considering client retention. Figures from the study on depicted that roughly three in every four Americans will switch their adviser if they do not advise them on their social security. According to David, most of the advisers overlook their topic because it is quite complex with over 2700 pages on FINRA.

It is crucial for individuals to review their social security options with their adviser on, failure to which they may lose lots of opportunity for many dollars of retirement income. Statistics reveal that those that draw up pension benefits too early can lose nearly $300,000 in over 25 years and as such the conversation will aid them to optimize their retirement salary.

About David Giertz
David Giertz also referred to as Dave works as the President of Nationwide Financials sales and distribution at He is in charge of several duties such as life insurance, regional firms, specialty markets, independent brokers/dealers, annuities, warehouses, and distribution of private sector retirement plans among others.

Mr David Giertz has over three-decade experience in the financial sector; therefore, he knows what he is talking about when he offers financial advice. David did his undergraduate program at Millikin University and also has an MBA from the University of Miami. Additionally, he is a generous individual and he participated in numerous communal organizations such as being on the Board of Trustees with his former University, Millikin.

The Midas Legacy-financial support service provider

Finding people who don’t want to be successful is rare and almost close to zero. Who doesn’t want all the fame and glamor and success revolving around them? But not everyone has the opportunities or the knowledge on how to implement on this dream and make it become a reality. This is where The Midas Legacy specializes in. They are a consulting group that seeks to help and motivate people who are looking to achieve a high level of success. They provide their services to investors, entrepreneurs to encourage and support them to have a better life financially and also for those who want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Their support and motivation might just be a breakthrough if an individual has the potential but just need a little guidance. Then The Midas Legacy is the perfect place for this purpose.

They are basically a wealth management company that provides thoughtful insights on how to substantially achieve the secrets of managing wealth. They find potential members who have an ability to have a greater impact on many lives of those that are real estate industry, natural health industry, finance, and entrepreneurship. This is the most basic goal of The Midas Legacy and they are able to achieve good results through commitment, hard work a motivated team and a professional attitude towards their members.

They achieve this by offering various amount of capital to different members according to the necessity and requirement. It all starts when a customer approaches the company for consultation purposes. After the visit or just when a customer approaches the company they will be given a guide called as The Midas Code and will be asked to join as a member on Help and guidance will be immediately provided by high class professional and experts and guidance will be given and they’ll be shown a good business direction. A lot of this specialist in The Midas Legacy include many successful entrepreneurs, top stock market shareholders, bestselling authors and much more.

One of the individuals that act as an expert in The Midas Legacy includes Sean Bower. He is a successful and renowned author in the subject of finance. He has also written many articles for The Midas Legacy website. He is known for having a high amount of knowledge and expertise in this field and is regarded as an expert, also known as a person who can dive into the secrets of managing wealth.

What Martin Lustgarten thinks about the future of investment banking

We are living in very exciting times. A few months ago, the world financial markets faced a major crisis when the UK voted to leave the European Union. The repercussions of the choice were felt the world over. However, this is just one of the things that have been shaping the financial map of the world. For many investors, the certainty that came with taking any of the conventional investment vehicles is long gone and as a result, people are looking for other options. Below are some thoughts on the investment options of the future.

The first issue that people were looking into about the future of investing was the US election. There were predictions of doom if Trump won and there were interesting opinions about a win by Hillary. However, the election has come and gone. The first day after the announcement of the results was rough in the markets with currencies such as the peso hitting record lows in the trading markets. However, things seem to have cooled down and people can only wait to see how the new president elect, Donald Trump will affect the markets.

The first important thing to understand is that the country has been recovering steadily throughout the reign of Obama as president. The market has been bullish for the past eight years. The one thing that is almost guaranteed is that it will turn bearish within the next few years. In addition to this, there is the prediction that another cycle of recession will start next year. This is the reason investment experts such as Martin Lustgarten have been encouraging people to broaden their investment portfolio and include precious metals such as gold and platinum as the two do not lose their intrinsic value with recessions.

About: Martin Lustgarten

He was born in Florida in 1969. He is a very successful investment banker and has been running his business for decades. He offers financial advice to those that want to create successful investment portfolios and also gets invited to host talks on the same. Martin has a wife and children whom he enjoys spending time with when he is not working.


Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is the process of companies increasing their capital. There are a number of companies that are often looking for ways to raise their stock value and acquire more capital. With the help of investment banking firms, these companies will be in position to get the funding they need to achieve their goals. In investment banking, the most common branch that companies receive assistance from corporate finance. This department frequently participates in mergers and acquisitions. With this type of assistance, an investment banking firm will help two companies come together to become one single entity. As a result, companies can offer more products, better services and have access to more capital.

With investment banking there are three major departments. These include corporate finance, trading and research. The corporate finance department specializes in the organization of mergers and providing consultation with clients. With trading, the firm will often buy and sell shares of stock or options for their clients in order to manage the capital. The research department specializes in gathering information about industries, companies and economic conditions. All of these departments often work together in order to help businesses gain access to more capital as well as managing it more effectively.

While most investment banking firms work with large companies, there are some that help work with smaller ones. They are often managed by finance professionals such as Martin Lustgarten. Martin has worked in the finance industry for many years and has put together a very successful career. He combines his expertise and work ethic to help a number of small businesses and individuals. Lustgarten often helps small businesses by getting them the funding they need in order to grown and expand. With his assistance, many businesses are able to get the resources they need in order to become successful.

As well as helping small businesses, Martin also helps a number of individuals. On a regular basis, Martin helps people plan for their retirement as well as find the best securities to invest in. He usually spends a lot of time evaluating stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to find the ones that will most benefit his clients. Once he finds securities that will help his clients, he recommends them so that they can help establish financial security.

How Cone Marshall Has Transformed The Tax And Estate Law Industry

In the past decade, Cone Marshall has recorded massive changes in the way the law firm operates. Most of these changes are structural and meant to enhance service delivery. Due to the dedication the firm has displayed in solving tax and estate litigation, it has received work from clients based in overseas markets. They are the first firm to establish a tax and estate litigation system in New Zealand and Cone Marshall continues to offer cutting-edge services that are aimed at serving their clients better.

Due to the great services Cone Marshall has been able to offer to its clients, they have experienced growth over the few years they have been in the industry. With trained professionals who are experienced on different matters concerning law, Cone Marshall has come up with solutions to the most complex problems presented by clients.

Most notable among the drivers that have allowed the fast growth is the technology the firm has integrated with its system. To speed up processes and to eliminate manual filing systems that are prone to loss, Cone Marshall uses modern technology to make various processes possible.

Additionally, the firm has been enjoying focused leadership from different professionals. The great planning and the changes that have been initiated to the management of the firm have been key in ensuring Cone Marshall ranks highly as an established law firm.

Leaders behind the success of the firm
Behind the scenes is a team of professionals whose role has been planning and overseeing the growth process. One of those leaders who have contributed to the development of Cone Marshall is Karen Marshall, an experienced tax and estate lawyer who has worked on commercial litigation for over 20 years.

Karen came into the firm in 2005 and one year later, she was appointed to work as the principal of Cone Marshall. Having her in an executive position is one of the best decisions the firm has ever made since she introduced fresh ideas that led to the development of the firm.

Also notable in the management team is Geoffrey Cone, a professional who has dedicated his service to ensuring the company grows to attain international status. Since Cone Marshall was founded in 1999, Geoffrey Cone has worked at an executive position and most of the growth the firm has experienced has been as a result of the joint effort he has offered towards its development along the way.

CCMP Capital CEO Stephen Murray Dies After Short Illness

CCMP Capital CEO Stephen Murray has died, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The 52-year-old venture capitalist and philanthropist previously left the company temporarily in February, for what was described as “medical reasons.”

Although it was never confirmed, most people believed Murray’s departure was permanent after his profile was removed from the company’s website ten days in.

Murray is survived by his wife, Teri, and four children.

“We are deeply saddened about the news of Stephen’s passing,” said CCMP interim CEO Greg Brenneman. “Stephen Murray was our leader, and one of the smartest and dedicated people I knew.”

As the news of Murray’s death permeated its way through the financial industry, stockholders were sent into panic mode. Murray is widely credited with putting the company on the map.

“Many people are wondering about the company’s fate,” said an unnamed stockholder. “It may take some time, but I am confident that Brenneman and his fine team will right the ship.”

Stephen Murray was appointed CEO of CCMP Capital in 2006 after the company spun off from JP Morgan Partners. Over the years, the company has gone through a number of name changes.

The Boston College graduate first joined the company in 1984 when it was Manufacturers Hanover Corporation on Bloomberg. He was accepted into the credit analyst program, which was highly-competitive. Less than 10 percent of the applicants who applied were accepted.

Murray became head of buyouts after the company merged with Chase Capital Partners. In 2005, the company merged with JP Morgan Chase. After the last buyout, the company split and CCMP Capital was formed.

Murray sat on a number of boards including Aramak, The Vitamin Shoppe, Warner Chilcott and AMC Entertainment. He also spearheaded the deal that helped CCMP secure pharmaceutical giant Warner Chilcott.

Funeral arrangements have not been announced.


Cone Marshall Barristers and Solicitors Limited is a law company located at Auckland in New Zealand and works with worldwide families and their advisors. The company started in the year 2007 as a New Zealand limited company. It has been in the market industry for eight years now with a range of about 11 to 50 employees. The company’s office address is Cone Marshall Ltd, Level 3, 18 Stanley Street, Auckland Central, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand. Since Cone Marshall Ltd. started, the company has been managed by a maximum of three directors, including Geoffrey Cone, who is a graduate of University of Otago, New Zealand, with LLB honors.

Cone Marshall Ltd. helps by creating New Zealand trusts, corporations, and firms, and also assists by providing comprehensive wealth planning guidance. However, it does not look for private customers. Instead, they offer services to various sectors such as private banks and other organizations that are located outside New Zealand, to help them in scheduling for their customers. The company’s primary objective is to institute structures and provide the full local tax and structuring recommendations to its clients.

The company also focuses on various areas such as competition litigation in which it covers general questions in competition litigation law and regulations. This includes short-term remedies, ultimate remedies, settlement, expenses, leniency and anticipated reforms. In Aviation Law, Cone Marshall Ltd. covers common issues in aviation laws and regulations that include aircraft business, finance, and leasing, and dispute resolution, commercial and regulatory to its clients.

In Corporate Tax, the company covers standard of corporate tax rules and regulations that include the capital increase, overseas income, real estate and anti-avoidance, the company also deals with Copyright issues in which it covers all the general matters in copyright law and regulations. These rules include copyright subsistence, ownership, copyright enforcement, criminal offenses and copyright infringement.

As a law firm, Cone Marshall Ltd. has partnered with different types of organizations such as American Bar Association, Association for International Arbitration, Corporate Lawyers of South Africa and International Chamber of Commerce to achieve its objectives of reaching out the worldwide families.