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How Marc Beer is Leading Aegerion

One of the most advanced start-ups today is Renovia Inc. This company is dedicated to the research and development of products specifically for women with pelvic floor disorders. Recently, the company closed in on a significant amount of capital totaling about #32 million dollars. Along with the capital that was raised, the company also acquired around $10 million in venture debt. While this debt is reasonable in the face of a startup, this is to also be considered carefully as the company moves forward.


The products that are in the lineup for new creation with Renovia, include tools that are diagnostic in nature. This also includes and is not limited to products and therapies that aid in the treatment of urinary incontinence. Millions of women have been impacted by these disorders, leaving many of them frustrated as they hold out hope for an answer to the problem.



Leva, the very first product to be approved by the FDA for Renovia, Inc., is an exercise tool that was designed to strengthen the pelvic floor. One of the ways in which the company has been able to raise the funds for the creation and development of these diagnostic tools is through the money raised through the Longwood Fund. This fund is focused on healthcare and is aimed at set the bar high for the company as it moves forward.


Marc Beer, the ex-CEO of Aegerion, is the co-Founder of this company and is also involved with a bio-tech company known as OvaScience. The success of Beer’s ability to raise a significant amount of capital is due in no small part to his time spent working through trial and error with his financial skills as well as his business acumen.


Regardless of his knowledge of medicine and how these tools work, his ability to seek out the right people for the right jobs in this endeavor has proven to be his strong suit. As the prior CEO of Aegerion, Bee has had the opportunity to become familiar with how the marketplace works, and learn what is required for success in this arena.



Marc Beer brings more than 25 years of experience overall in biotechnology. He has also learned how to commercialize these products over time, and he has also spent a number of years learning how these companies go public and what it takes for these companies to succeed not only in the short-term, but also in the long-term. Learn more :

Graeme Holm offering escape route from bad debts

Graeme Holm is the founder of Infinity Group Australia, an entity that deals with the provision of financial services in Australia. He started the organization in 2013 so that he could help Australians resolve some of the financial challenges they face.




Graeme Holm who has spent 17 years working in the banking sector identified some key areas that many Australians were struggling with. He noted that the banks were doing nothing to help their customers secure a good future. In fact, he sees banks as institutions that rejoice at the inability of their customers to pay loans.




Banks do not want someone who can repay a loan in the quickest time because it will mean fewer benefits for them. Unfortunately, this is the tragedy of the banks we have. They want to see customers struggle with repayment so that they can benefit from interest rates and penalties.




Graeme Holm wants to help the people mainly with debt reduction and money management services.








Graeme Holm is An MBA Top 100 Broker. Before he came up with the idea of the Infinity Group Australia, he had worked with four top banks in Australia. Holm had gained experience on how they operated and was also able to see where there were weaknesses in the delivery of services. He was dissatisfied with the kind of services they were offering their customers and reckons that they offer no support or guidance on matters of finances. Australians were getting poor deals from the banks something Holm found unacceptable.




Banks were placing their customers in situations where they would struggle with debt which ultimately affect their future. By making their customers live from paycheck to paycheck, they leave them will very little financial flexibility. In short, banks turn their customers into slaves through their non-committal to help them with money management.




About Infinity Group Australia and the personal banker concept




Graeme Holm brought the idea of personal bankers through Infinity Group. He found that it was easy for the people to manage their finances when they have financial coaches to monitor their spending behaviors.




Just like with personal gym trainer, it is easier to get good results when you have one than when working out without. The results when you have a personal banker who helps you budget for your needs will be better than when you have none. Learn more :