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Creative and Curated Design With Richard Mishaan Design

A retreat in the Amagansett hamlet on Long Island, designed by Richard Mishaan Design, is a testament to the versatility of this modern design firm. This space exhibits such a specific use of texture, vibrant yet appropriate colors, and incredible uniqueness in each piece of furniture and art. The man behind the Richard Mishaan Design firm, Richard Mishaan, is able to use the inspiration of both rustic and clean lines to create masterpieces. Richard Mishaan’s portfolio displays his vast knowledge of architecture and creativity. All of his projects are modern, yet individual and beautifully curated. His furniture line is an example of his genius, from a bold green sofa and quirky puzzle-shaped end table to a classic reimagined leather chair.

The Richard Mishaan Design firm is located in New York City where they have designed townhouses in the Upper West Side, cozy apartments in Soho, and the ultra-modern condominiums of Trump Park Avenue. Richard Mishaan Design has also reached outside the city to design summer houses in the Hamptons and penthouses in Florida. Because of his years of rich cultural experience and creative open mind, Richard Mishaan can seamlessly shift from one theme to the next.

Richard Mishaan has written two books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, filled with his innovative and original designs. These books contain page after page of inspiring photos and tips anyone can use to make their homes and spaces more curated and distinctly personal.

Richard Mishaan has also been featured in many prominent print publications, most recently in Elle Decor and Architectural Design, not to mention the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. It is safe to say, the Richard Mishaan Design firm is fixed at the top of the design world.

Leading Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Greg Secker is Doing Marvelous Things

Greg Secker, founder of SmartCharts, the very latest in the trading technology business has made the trading process simpler by increasing the level of interaction and functionality as well as the performance and ease that has never been used before with various other trading platforms. This helped to aid in the success of the Learn to Trade program which has gained various awards in it’s time of existence. By allowing the numerous clients of the trade world to be able to make a trade with the simplicity of one click instead of many.

An award winning broker that brings fast trade offers for Forex, Capital Index is top of its class. It allows for the clients to access the advances in FX charting for technology combined with sophistication order management accessories that help you to bring monitoring and control to the position both efficiently and quickly.

The client service which provides professional management account services, FX Capital is making coverage of the global Forex Markets to an all time high. By using the strategies as well as the Algorithms approach from the SmartCharts is allowing for consistent growth while allowing for the safeguarding of the various investors capital.

Greg has also lended his ear to being a international as well as motivational speaker. Being featured on the assortment of major market channels like Bloomberg and CNBC, Greg is known as being a recognized global speaker. He has had the pleasure of speaking beside well known personalities like Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Robbins along with various other speakers. While working on these events, Greg is also working with a number of prominent charities and creating events like the Global Success Summit which is in South Africa.

One of the best things that Greg Secker has done has been the creation of the Greg Secker Foundation. This non-profit organization was brought to life in 2010. Working beside Greg’s focus, the role the foundation has created is to improve overall life quality for various people around the globe. The foundation focuses on education, leadership initiatives and life skills needed in order to bring success to your life. The foundation is changing lives little by little through the various programs it uses globally.

Susan McGalla – Highly Reputed and Successful American Businesswomen

Susan McGalla is an inspiration to millions of women not only in the United States but across the globe in the corporate sector. She has climbed the ladder of success fast in the business world and is known for being the former President of as well as CEO of American Eagler Outfitters Inc and Wet Seal Inc. Susan McGalla is also on the board of commercial real estate services company named HFF Inc and is one of the directors at Allegheny Conference on Community Development.


Susan McGalla is often requested to be the speaker at many significant events and forums and has spoken at the Carnegie Mellon University Conference and the reputed Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. Susan McGalla, after years of working in the corporate sector as a branding, business, and marketing executive has founded her branding and consulting firm named P3 Executive Consulting LLC.


Susan McGalla recently discussed how women can advance in their career and what strategies to use to strengthen their position in the workplace. One of the first advice she gives to women across the world is to focus on education and start saving early for their higher education. Susan notices that there are many women with potential but without the formal education that act as a barrier to advancing in their career. Susan McGalla says that as education is becoming expensive, it is important for the women across the globe to start managing their finances accordingly so that when the time comes, they can pay for their higher education.


Secondly, she asks women to network with their peers and other influencers in their workplace as well as the industry. It would not only help get them the necessary support they need but would also open doors to multiple opportunities going forward. For achieving higher management designation at the workplace, it is important for the women to showcase strong work ethics and performance that is at par or better with other employees, irrespective of their gender. Susan McGalla says that women with high work ethics are always preferred by employers as they are dependable and trustworthy.


Thirdly, Susan McGalla says that it is important for the women to forget and not worry about the highly talked about the proverbial glass ceiling for females and minorities in the corporate world. She says it is important to keep on doing the work with focus, determination, and dedication, and believe that it would pay off sooner or later, which it will.


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HDIT/HCT Can Help MS Patients Substantially

Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta is a medical doctor who practices Neurology and also practices Psychiatry. Dr. Shiva works in Voorhees, New Jersey. He graduated in 1979 from the Government Medical College. He has been practicing medicine for 40 years. It was at Boston City Hospital where Dr. Shiva completed his residency and now he currently is practicing at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates. In addition to speaking English, Dr. Shiva also speaks Spanish.It has been found that when a high dose of immunosuppressive therapy is followed by a transplant of the patient’s blood-forming stem cells, this is able to induce a sustained remission of multiple sclerosis, better known as MS. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease where the immune system will actually attack the body’s central nervous system. It can cause extreme pain in the patient.You can also follow him on twitter :

This new treatment is called high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant, or HDIT/HCT. It was found that after five years of having this treatment, 69% of patients were able to survive without having a progression of the disease or a relapse of symptoms that multiple sclerosis causes. After receiving the treatment, patients did not take any other MS medications.This treatment trial was sponsored by NIAID, or the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. It was found that just one treatment with HDIT/HCT is even more effective than MS treatment that is done long-term with even the best available medications that are currently available. It helps the wide range of symptoms such as motor and speech difficulties, chronic pain and fatigue and weakness. The disease will end up worsening over the years and can eventually become a progressive form. The high success of the HDIT/HCT treatment is very reassuring and comforting for patients with MS who have been suffering through for years.


Traveling Vineyard Wines

Wine lovers and entrepreneurs alike are celebrating The Traveling Vineyard’s business model.

Utilizing the wildly successful and popular practice of hiring independent sales consultants, The Traveling Vineyard allows wine aficionados to have their own business selling wine at home parties and similar events. By doing so, consultants are able to get all the benefits of working from home and customers benefit from tasting several different wines before making a purchase.

The Traveling Vineyard fully supports its Wine Guides. Although they give these consultants the flexibility to choose their own hours and work the way they choose, The Traveling Vineyard makes sure that they do so with full access to the materials, supplies and answers they need. Whenever a guide makes a sale, they simply enter it online and The Traveling Vineyard does the rest, from processing the order to shipping it directly to the customer so there is no need to deliver.

Customers love the business model as well as the entrepreneurs who become consultants. Home parties allow wine lovers to get together in a casual and relaxing setting while tasting various wines. When they find one they like, they can simply purchase it from their consultant and wait for it to arrive at their door. When the bottle is empty, customers simply contact their sales consultant and reorder all their favorites.

A quick visit to the company’s social media sites makes it clear that the brand’s quality wines are loved and praised by many wine drinkers across the nation. The company is also actively involved with site visitors and Wine Guides alike, offering excellent customer service and consultant support.

The 10 Best Places to Visit in Panama Adrian: Velasquez Jose Figueroa

Panama is a country in Central America that holds destinations exciting enough for your next visit. From quiet villages, exciting cities, coffee plantations, mountains, rain forests as well as magnificent beaches. Below is an overview of the most enticing places in Panama at

10. El Valle
El Valle is a town which is located in the crater of the extinct El Valle Volcano. The city is surrounded by high peaks, rich tropical forests and being 600 meters above sea level gives it a cold climate. El Valle is an ideal place for horseback riding, bird watching, and hiking.

9. Pearl Islands
The Pearl Islands are groups of about 200 islands and islets in the Gulf of Panama. The island is known for its natural beauty, offering pristine beaches and virgin forests. Being the most developed island with resorts and an airstrip makes it a great destination for visitors.

8. Baru Volcano
Baru Volcano is located in the Chiriquí Province and is one of the highest topographical points of Panama according to Figueroa. It is an ideal place for mountain climbers as well as hikers. Also, visitors can also enjoy the hot springs about 30 minutes from town.

7. Gulf of Chiriqui
The Gulf of Chiriqui is located on the Pacific Coast of Panama, which extends from the border with the Costa Rica and the western Azuero Peninsula in the east. The region on Twitter holds several beaches, richest mangroves and the most extensive coral reefs in the Pacific. The coastal and marine environment is best for sports fishing, surfing and traveling by boat.

6. Boquete
Boquete, also known as the Valley of Flowers, is located along the western border and extends to enter Costa Rica in some ranges. The village offers great traveling experience such as submerging in hot springs along Rio Caldera or taking a rafting tour through the White Water River and much more.

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5. Santa Catalina
Santa Caliana located in Coast Pacific Country is one of the places in the work known for surfing, numerous beaches as well as frequent access to Coiba National Park. It makes it the best place to visit in Panama.

4. San Blas Islands
The San Blas Islands is a group of around 400 islands in the north coast of the Isthmus of Panama. Most of the islands serve as the home for Kuna Yala tribe, and due to its modernized status, the place offers tourists an atmosphere of relaxation and solitude attractive according to Figueroa.

3. Bocas del Toro
Bocas del Toro, a province in Panama consists of six islands and some uninhabited islets. The city offers some tourist attractions including the historic Caribbean architecture, numerous beaches, sailing, diving as well as touring in the forest to watch birds and exotic animals.

2. Panama City
It is the capital and the largest city of Panama. The city holds modern high-rise towers that became a cosmopolitan city after the development of the Panama Canal, located at the top of itineraries of travelers.

1. The Panama Canal
The Panama Canal is an enormous and complex system erected channels that allow the passage of ships between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. It is crucial in facilitating maritime trade as well as the main tourist attraction leading increased growth in country’s economy.

About Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa
A proficient executive native Venezuela, José Velásquez Mr. Adrian Figueroa is currently holding different positions as Treasurer, Director, and President in five companies of Panama This is his longest event in a period of four years plus eight months with his first nomination in winter of 2011. In Panama, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has been a prominent member of business community mentoring young people, helping businesses grow and improving economic conditions.

The Career of Bruce Levenson


There are a lot of people who have the passion for starting a business. However, once they get started, they quickly realize that it is much more difficult than they ever imagined. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, it is important to have a clear plan. When Bruce Levenson first got started in business, he had to look and see what kind of company he wanted to start. A lot of people go into the process without knowing the potential challenges. Bruce Levenson surrounded himself with the best people possible, and during that process he did a great job of getting to the next level. Read more about him on


After making hundreds of millions on the sale of his business, Bruce Levenson quickly turned his attention to the next thing in life that he wanted to accomplish. He saw that the Atlanta Hawks were one of the worst teams in the NBA, and he wanted to make sure he understood how he could turn them around before buying them. He sought the advice of other people who had been in similar situations before. When he purchased the team, Bruce Levenson had a clear plan to take them to the next level. In a short period of time, he was able to do that with a variety of investments into the business.

Future Plans

Bruce Levenson wants to continue to give back to the city of Atlanta in the future. Not only has he invested in the team, but he has invested a lot of money into giving back to the city of Atlanta. This is something that a lot of people do not realize about his life and his career. Bruce Levenson is passionate about helping other people in a variety of situations.



Livio Bisterzo, Transforming the World of Snacks by Innovation

Livio Bisterzo is a resident of Los Angeles, US, who, in addition to achieving tremendously in the world of business innovation, is also a family man with a wife and children. Born in Italy, Livio studied Arts in London and later started his life of entrepreneurship, which has since become a real success story. He has created many businesses which have all thrived to the credit of his commitment, dedication and professionalism.

Livio is the CEO of Green Park Brands and is the brain behind Hippeas Chickpea Snacks (Instagram). Livio says that his aim is to make Hippeas a leading brand globally by making premium better for you snacks that will attract millennial consumers. Upon its launch, the brand received an overwhelmingly good reaction from the industry players in the UK and in the USA.

Firmly convinced that tasting good can be even better when coupled with doing good, Hippeas has made a commitment that it will give a proportion of its every sale to support farmers in eastern Africa overcome poverty. To achieve this more smoothly, it has partnered with Farm Africa, which is involved in similar efforts in the region.

Hippeas is a low calories organic snack containing fiber, protein, and free from artificial ingredients.

Hippeas proposition has recently joined Starbuck’s assortment of snacks. To add to its excellent ingredients and taste, it comes with beautiful packaging and a very relevant overarching brand world .

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Livio Bisterzo says that when he started working on Hippeas, he set the goals very clearly. He wanted a product that would be healthy, and this is a very critical aspect because some consumers are becoming conscious of their health and would rather avoid unhealthy foods like those containing high contents of fats and sugars. Instead, its contents are the most medically recommended including protein and fibre.

Livio Bisterzo knew that his product had to be socially acceptable such that a consumer can proudly pick it from the shelves.


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The Swiss Start Up Factory and Mike Baur Push for New Cooperative Efforts

The Swiss Start Up Factory, is an accelerator in Switzerland, that supports and helps entrepreneur’s make the right decisions regarding their businesses. They provide a professional execution platform that helps young entrepreneurs go through the business development process, so they are not alone in the process. It helps them create products and services and reach their specific goals. The Swiss Start Up Factory sets out to help developing entrepreneur’s make more accurate decisions that lead to quicker success in their ventures. They started offering their services in 2014.

The company was started by the conviction of Mike Baur, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, to establish an accelerator with a business driven methodology. The company is a privately financed company, dedicated to helping their startups grow quickly. The participants in the program undertake a 3-month accelerator process, based on a start-up method based on eight specific milestones, that reduces the time to success. They get help with business strategy, marketing, sales, law, finance and technology.

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Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) – Startup Accelerator

Erstes Goldbach Digital Media Accelerator Program Schliesst Erfolgreich AB

Mike Baur has been in Swiss Private Banking for nearly 20 years. He started out in a commercial apprenticeship at UBS. He went on to eventually be an executive board member of a Swiss Private Bank. He started The Swiss Start Up Factory in 2014 and the rest is history. He invests a lot of his time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. He supports several start-ups both financially and as a mentor. Mike Baur earned his MBA from the University of Rochester in New York. He holds an Executive MBA from the University of Berne.

Through The Swiss Start Up Factory Mike and his associates showcase successful entrepreneurs to help others understand what actions produced successful results. They want to not only inspire new entrepreneurs by give them helpful tips for success. Geneva based Fintech Accelerator Fusion and Swiss Start Up Factory join forces. Fintech Fusion and Swiss Startup will cooperate on a number of projects and promotions. They will offer joint mentor network exchanges, joint events and use shared office space for start-ups. Switzerland is a leader in innovation and provides great conditions for new businesses to thrive.

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Fix My Online Reputation!


The world of business has undergone a transformation. A revolution has taken place with American products losing once dominant positions in producer status to countries with lower standards of living. American businesses once produced quality cars, planes, boats, and wood, paper, steel and concrete products for building industries. Sadly, now we are a service oriented economy. Japan has replaced the U.S. as the lead manufacturer of cars and trucks to the world. While the wily Chinese use our waste product to salvage precious metals. They, the Chinese, may have replaced us as the driving economic force in the world.


It is a given that the world of business has changed. But the reputation of a business and its success is still directly tied to customer sentiment. If a company is regarded in high esteem by the masses and has become a brand like Coca-Cola, it continues to grow and dominate its place in the industry. But if a company falters like Coca-Cola when it changed its popular soft drink formula, then customers are apt to revolt. In the case of Coca-Cola the company rapidly went back to the original formula and a lesson was learned for all businesses.

For smaller businesses, one bad review can do more harm than a dozen good reviews. Bad reviews are remembered whether earned or not. Competitors could criticize a product unfairly and do a great deal of damage necessitating internet reputation repair. For a business to survive in the competitive economic climate today, that business must curtail or limit the amount of bad publicity at all costs and fix bad reviews. Now there is a solution for businesses in today’s competitive market; the answer is The Search Fixers. The Search Fixers reputation management services control or eliminate bad press for the subscribed business. They allow for unimpeded growth without the detours caused by bad reviews and angry customers complaining about the company’s products or processes.

The Search Fixers promise on their webpage to not let the bad press get in the way of the success of your business and fix bad search results. They, even, offer a special 30% discount on online reputation repair services for new subscribers looking to fix a bad online reputation.

The world of business has changed, and owners and managers who do not adhere to these new rules about repairing reputations and fix negative search results may find their businesses at a great disadvantage in competing with similar businesses.