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What You Need to Know to Become a Successful UK Vintner

It’s a hands-on job that requires your presence at every stage of the process. Those who pursue it as a career spend countless hours engaging in all sorts of activities to ensure the final product satisfies the consumer. This is the real life of a vintner and it is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Who is a Vintner?

A vintner is a winemaker but their job description dictates they be available at every level of production—from growing the grapes to delivering the final product to the consumer. Together with the viticulturist, they inspect the vineyard ensuring the crop is healthy and up to par. The vintner in the United Kingdom will then select the best grapes, test their quality in a lab, and determine ones that end up in the wine barrels for fermentation.

UK vintners will tend to the cellars, inspecting every barrel and the maturity of the wine. Finally, these vintners will be present when the packing and arranging of wine crates is happening and even help in the distribution and marketing process.

What It Takes To Be a Vintner

Wondering what it takes to become a vintner in the UK? As a standard rule, anyone who would want to become a winemaker must first go to school and study the art. There are plenty of universities that offer courses on enology and viticulture. The same courses in wine making are provided online as well, thus making it easy to attain your education from any part of the world.

Wine making involves a lot of knowledge in chemical reactions, thus it may not be your cup of tea if you never liked your chemistry set. On the other hand, some of the famous vintners in the UK learned everything they know on the job; so yes, you can also learn through apprenticeship. Only when seeking a job to work at a winery is when a university degree is deemed important.

But above all, you have to be really passionate about oenology to be successful in it. The working hours are ridiculous and you have to be really attentive to details. Every step of the production requires your presence, sometimes as a far as marketing the end product to potential buyers—you clean the barrels after shipping off the product, you are at the vineyard everyday checking if your crop is healthy, you are at the chemistry lab testing PH, alcohol levels among other activities. You also have to be physically fit if you are going to be lifting and loading crates on trucks.

Ultimately, working as a UK Vintner is really exciting as you get the chance to really see the fruit of your labor through the appreciation of your final products. What’s more, wine is revered beverage among the rich and wealthy, so you are definitely on the right career path.

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