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The Downfall of Eminem in Modern Day Hip Hop

The ”Revival”album by Eminem was anything but a revival for his career. At one time Eminem was the hottest crossover rapper in the game. Today he is still someone that has the ability to spit more than a few bars of hotness, but people are less inclined to stream his attacks on Trump and add his angry songs to their playlists. He represents an era of rap where the artist is at odds with what his fans want to hear. It is the same type of musical obscurity that Prince succumbed to before he passed.

Eminem is the portrait of an angry rapper. He has put his time in to building a career where most of his songs have been controversial and funny. There have been some seriousness in the songs he has written, but Eminem has always been someone that brought humor to hip hop.

In his old age Eminem has become someone that has had a bizarre downward spiral as a rapper. The motivation that he had to come after adversaries is not quite there anymore. It stands to reason that his focus is not the same because elements in his life that drove him to success are not the same.

The ongoing battle study had with the custody of his daughter with his ex are no longer a major issue. His daughter is a college student now. The issues that he had with his mother appeared to have been resolved over the years as his aggression about his own life took a backseat.

It stands to reason that an artist like Eminem that put so much of his own life into his rhymes is now at a point where he has no more fuel to rhyme about anything. He has aged and his rhymes are dismal.

Eminem Creates a New Vibe

Eminem is an artist that has had a plethora of platinum out of the years. He has become someone that is well-known in the hip hop community because he defied the odds. He made sure that he moved away from what was considered the norm and did something that was far left from anything that people need.

As a rapper that started his career as a bit of a jokester it appears that he is coming to a serious point as he nears retirement stage. The “Revival” album was an album that was on more of a serious tone with a lot of heavy lyrics that have gotten away from what he was originally known for doing his early days with Dr. Dre.

At this point Eminem is a much older artist, and he has an entirely different perspective on his life. His life has changed a lot from a celebrity status. This has caused them to become someone that reacts differently to the way that he creates music. He does not have the same reaction in the same mentality to create the things that made him successful. This transition from being poor to becoming rich covers a wide spectrum. It almost puts Eminem in a place where he really has nothing left to say when it comes to issues that are going on in the world.

The fans have disconnected themselves from Eminem even though he is still praised is one of the best rappers of this generation. He appears to be someone that is flustered with attempt at making albums because he is up against a much younger generation. In this day and age people are listening to more of the music that comes from the south. This takes Eminem out of the equation with the new millennials.

Eminem’s New Album Officially Announced

The long wait is over for Eminem fans across the world. The rapper’s highly anticipated ninth album, revealed today as Revival, is set to release on December 15, 2017. As with many of his other projects, Eminem elected to keep the name and release date of this album under wraps for as long as possible.

The mystery was officially unraveled today on Twitter when Dr. Dre broke the news just after lunch. Dre posted what looked like a standard medicine commercial for a product known as Revival — but the commercial does a 180 about half-way in. The unnamed actor reveals that “Revival” is not really a medicine, but is the name of Eminem’s much-discussed new album. This was the final piece of an overall silly marketing campaign led by Dr. Dre and Aftermath Records.

Since early July, Eminem fans have tried connecting strange messages regarding the album on social media. Despite the fun marketing ploy, Eminem has remained active in front of the media for other reasons, too. Earlier this month, Eminem and Skylar Grey opened the EMA awards with the new single “Walk on Water.” Not long before that, the rapper went viral with a brutal freestyle that pointed the finger at all of his fans that support Trump.

All politics aside, Eminem’s first album in almost five years is coming out next month. This is a big deal for hip-hop and the music industry at large. One of the bestselling artists of all time is vying for his billboard revival.

Eminem’s New Album Title Revealed?

Fans of Eminem have been eagerly awaiting the release of his next album and it seems that their patience has paid off. While a date has not been set as of yet, the title of the album may have been revealed through an Instagram post.

Eminem’s long-time manager, Paul Rosenberg, recently posted a photo on Instagram featuring Yelawolf’s latest release, Trial By Fire. And while that should be a good collection of songs, what really interested people was an advertisement in the background.

The ad is ostensibly for a drug called Revival. However, as one Reddit user noticed, the “e” in Revival is backward, just the way Eminem uses it.

There is a website dedicated to the drug that states it can be taken by ear and is better than any “bull@#$% placebo.” It also states the Revival is for people suffering from “ Atrox Rithimus” whatever that means.

Visitors are even given a number to call to get more information about Revival. By calling 833-2GET-REV fans can get a recorded message about the benefits and side effects of the drug.

It has to be noted that the title Revival could be the last in a trilogy from the Detroit rapper. His previous albums have been titled Relapse and Recovery. Revival would make sense thematically.

It remains to be seen if this viral ad campaign will take off but right now Eminem has got people talking. He made headlines earlier with his freestyle at the BET Hip Hop Awards where he unleashed a furious attack against President Donald Trump.

Eminem Finally Releasing A New Album

It has been a long time since Eminem has released an album. His fans will be thrilled to know that he will be releasing a new album soon. One of the singles from his album is called “Campaign Speech”. The song discusses the way that he feels about President-elect Donald Trump. It has already been released. Eminem record the song long before Donald Trump was elected president.


He did not specify what the other songs on his album will be about. However, some people believe that it will be a political album. Not only has it been a long time since Eminem released an album, but he has also not been seen much in the public eye.


Eminem talked about his new album on his Twitter page. He told his fans not to worry because he was working on something that would be released soon. He also posted the link to the “Campaign Speech” single on his Twitter page. Eminem stated that he wanted to give his fans something to enjoy until the album came out.


Eminem posted the good news on Twitter back on October 19, 2016. The tweet was retweeted over 54,000 times. It was liked over 75,000 times. Even though it has been a long time since Eminem released a solo album, he was featured on “Southpaw” soundtrack along with several other artists.


Eminem And Tech N9ne Work Together Again

Wasn’t it just in April that we got a collab between these two epic MCs? Well, they are back at it again. Over the years everyone has been asking when would these two rappers work together. They have so much in common with their rapid fire delivery, their content and even their fan base. In April we heard an epic collab between the two and according to the fine folks at MTV News they have already created their next hit in the lab together.

I like how they sort of bartered verses instead of doing the typical feature payment process that is so common in rap music where all that you need to get a verse from a rapper is to pay them money. You can definitely tell that these guys have a lot of respect for each other. As the rapper’s say, game recognizes game. We suppose that skill sees skills to and we cannot wait until their next song together. Hopefully it will be much sooner than later and if they are keeping up with the current way that they are working together, then we can definitely hear another song by them together by fall. To hear their first collab, visit Qnet online in the video.