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ClassDojo Develops an Incredible Classroom

ClassDojo is an application that is on a mission to unify the three key stakeholders in the education sector, which are the parents, teachers and the students by according them the power to establish incredible classrooms. It is a communication application meant for a classroom context but in connection with the teachers and the parents of the students.

ClassDojo provides students, teachers, and parents with the opportunity to share messages, videos and photos through the day making the triangle of teachers, parents, and students stronger through interactive teamwork. By doing that, the app also enables them to open up to the reality of life through sharing of the classroom experience and whatever they do both at home and school. Moreover, the interaction beefs up personality development and promote the advancement of important ideas needed to bring life into the undertakings of the students in their classrooms and at home.

The development of the application aimed at establishing an ideal classroom that is, not real but a blueprint of the classroom for this generation in the context that everyone must fit into it. In reality, parents, teachers, and students are always used in the classrooms that are set to their expectations and according to the universal conformity of what a classroom entails. ClassDojo comes in as a revolutionary discovery that improves what is known to each cohort and improving the development of the principal beneficiary in this scenario, the students. The app aims at transforming the education sector by helping to bridge the gap between parents, students, and teachers by making them fit into one model. The app now enables students to share the things they do at school, and they would wish their parents who were not there with them to see from time to time and in every fine detail.