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Betsy DeVos The Change Agent

Elizabeth Betsy DeVos has since her college days at Michigan Calvin College been known as a leader. Back then, she was just known as Elisabeth Prince and was really loved by her classmates. Elizabeth noticed the issues that needed to change on campus and joined the political contests, which she most times won. Her ability to deliver her objectives after the elections led the students to reelect her every time there was a new election. Albeit the fact that now she has four children and five children and is happily married, Betsy has since her college days never looked back from taking political posts in the society; these became like a birth mark to her. However, unlike many political leaders like Betsy takes on initiatives that help change the society and transform lives. She also looks towards helping the less privileged people in the society as her main goal.

Betsy DeVos is also known as the best philanthropists for her and her husband give towards political and charitable courses. Although criticized for political giving, their contribution in politics is only pocket change as compared to their charitable contributions. Betsy DeVos is also a disruptor of the norm, where she identifies issues with the current running of affairs. Other factors that are in her reputation are innovator and advocate of social change.In leadership, Betsy DeVos’ political posts include chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, where she was reelected four times. Other than that, Betsy has held many political positions but has currently changed her interests to educational reform related politics. Betsy and Dick claim that the American education system is wanting as it limits the kids who are born and raised in the wrong Zip Codes. Consequently, the couple is known for giving to kids from Charter and Voucher schools as these are more likely to benefit from their contribution.

Betsy states that they started giving towards that course when they were still a young couple with young school going kids.They visited the Bishop Thomas Jake’s Potters House School, which was then still new. They realized that parents who were disadvantaged had decided to take their kids there despite the higher tuition fees as compared to the public education system. Upon carrying out some research, the couple discovered that these parents could hardly pay the fees but they wanted their kids to be safe. Betsy and Dick began sponsoring some of the kids in the institution and they have since that day sponsored many kids and programs in the school and in other related schools. Recently, Betsy stated that the new Charter and Voucher schools had enrolled many more thousands of students. They stated that the public schools were losing students to these new schools and change was necessary.

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Andrew Rolfe Is On Board With The Ubuntu Education Fund

Getting large amounts of funding was not enough for the Ubuntu Education Fund. Realizing that lives weren’t being changed, the organization decided to make some changes. Donors would offer funding, but then put stipulations on how that funding was spent. Ubuntu decided to start saying no to the big spending donors that did this and start focusing on finding the best ways to support the children for which the charity was set up for. To find donors that simply give you the money and go on about their business is difficult for a non-profit organization. Donors like to specify where the money goes, and some donors even want decision making abilities.

Andrew Rolfe is chairman of the board for Ubuntu Education Fund. Andrew joined the company back in 2007 and has been a driving force for the company. Andrew Rolfe noticed the company primarily focused on fund-raising, and noted that the Ubuntu Education Fund needed a board that focused on more than just fund-raising, like governance and strategies. At a time when the owner felt down and almost wanted to give up, Andrew Rolfe was there to help keep him focused. Andrew saw the stresses and troubles the company was facing, and decided to take Jake (the owner) off to the side and asked what HE needed. Andrew knew that, if Jake was overwhelmed, then the company was overwhelmed. Restructuring the company was the answer for Andrew Rolfe. He knew that, if the company would go through restructuring, than a great deal of pressure would be lifted from Jake. Andrew Rolfe has a reputation of revamping companies and making them more successful. Andrew’s method to consoling Jake was merely direct questions,”If you got this, what would you do with it?”, and that’s exactly what Jake needed to keep going.