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Andrew Rolfe Is On Board With The Ubuntu Education Fund

Getting large amounts of funding was not enough for the Ubuntu Education Fund. Realizing that lives weren’t being changed, the organization decided to make some changes. Donors would offer funding, but then put stipulations on how that funding was spent. Ubuntu decided to start saying no to the big spending donors that did this and start focusing on finding the best ways to support the children for which the charity was set up for. To find donors that simply give you the money and go on about their business is difficult for a non-profit organization. Donors like to specify where the money goes, and some donors even want decision making abilities.

Andrew Rolfe is chairman of the board for Ubuntu Education Fund. Andrew joined the company back in 2007 and has been a driving force for the company. Andrew Rolfe noticed the company primarily focused on fund-raising, and noted that the Ubuntu Education Fund needed a board that focused on more than just fund-raising, like governance and strategies. At a time when the owner felt down and almost wanted to give up, Andrew Rolfe was there to help keep him focused. Andrew saw the stresses and troubles the company was facing, and decided to take Jake (the owner) off to the side and asked what HE needed. Andrew knew that, if Jake was overwhelmed, then the company was overwhelmed. Restructuring the company was the answer for Andrew Rolfe. He knew that, if the company would go through restructuring, than a great deal of pressure would be lifted from Jake. Andrew Rolfe has a reputation of revamping companies and making them more successful. Andrew’s method to consoling Jake was merely direct questions,”If you got this, what would you do with it?”, and that’s exactly what Jake needed to keep going.