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How Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Board Took the Children’s Best Interests First

Jacob Lief had a sudden realization. He was raising a lot of money for his nonprofit, and he was speaking at major events, such as the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos. However, he just wasn’t helping people enough. They were not changing people’s lives. Jacob Lief is the founder and CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund. Ubuntu Education Fund helps children who are vulnerable who live in the Port Elizabeth Township area in South Africa. The problem was the donors were giving money and then setting forth restrictions on how the money should be spent. It seems like those donors may have had some interests which caused them to donate. In any case, it certainly hindered the efforts of Jacob Lief to provide a true relief for these children. It prevented him from giving them what they truly needed. So what did he do? Simple. The board, headed by Andrew Rolfe, decided to start saying no to donors who wanted to give money with all sorts of cumbersome restrictions and rules. Instead, he started to focus his time on figuring out how they can best help the children who need help.


Now the organization has a smaller budget, but Andrew Rolfe and his board are able to accomplish much, much more. They go for higher profile donors who donate more money at once and who realize that all these restrictive donations just aren’t worth the time of the Ubuntu fund. You see, donors used to have restrictions, such as that they had to serve on the board and help shape the charity’s strategy or that the money be used for specific projects. It helps for these donors’ personal goals, but it does not help the children the way they need to be helped. So Ubuntu stopped. Now they employ the Ubuntu model. This means that they work closely with each family and child to figure out a way to give them the health, education and stability that they need.


One of the driving factors behind Ubuntu’s success is Andrew Rolfe. Andrew Rolfe is chairman of the board of Ubuntu Education Fund. He helps make sure that each child gets what they need and that the fund is working smoothly.