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George Soros Champions Economic Development For Migrants

George Soros made an address that was published in the Washington Street Journal. It is about what he sees as a great problem facing the world today. There are tens of millions of people who have been displaced by problems in their home countries. George Soros has been a champion of suffering people for a very long time. He believes in fostering the development of civil communities and he will be making investments into services and products that can help refugees and the countries that host them in a variety of ways.

The migrant crisis has been unsettling for many people in the world says George Soros. People have been forced from their homes because they feel the need to flee the community they were living in at the time. There are those who are eager to escape the threat of civil war which puts their family’s lives at risk. There are also those who suffer from desperate poverty and from bad government by oppressive military regimes on They want economic opportunity that will improve the quality of their lives. George thinks that there has been a failure on the part of those in charge. No policies have been enacted that effectively handle the existing crisis and the result has been a great deal of political strife and human misery. The countries that these migrants are fleeing from are hurt as well as the nations they are fleeing into because a lack of planning and effective policy.

George Soros thinks this situation is putting many people into a state of helplessness and despair. This is not what should be happening. There could be a great benefit to countries that integrate migrants into the nations economically. Governments at need to take charge by providing people with some of the things they need to improve the quality of their lives. Social infrastructure will improve communication and reduce feelings of despair and physical infrastructure will improve mobility and health in migrant communities. None of this can be done without the help of privately held companies. President Obama recognized this issue and at a meeting of the United Nations he asked that people work together to help migrants around the world. The UN has resolved to take concrete steps in the near future.

George Soros has a deep personal commitment to the well-being of migrants. George Soros is willing to spend $500 million to make a difference for them. With that money institutions will be founded that can address some of the specific and most challenging problems that migrants are facing. He is going to help migrant communities around the world while focusing the majority of his attention on those who are located in Europe. George has been working for the good of global migrants for decades.