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Building teams that work better together: The MB2 Dental Way

MB2 Dental has its marketing game together. The target is young entrepreneurial dentists looking to secure a foothold in the market.To this end, the company holds elaborate social events that encourage people to network and get to know each other better. Personalized dental care means developing close relationships with your patients.The affiliates learn to lead by example. They take off the white coats and reveal the person inside — their joys, successes, and challenges.It empowers doctor owners to focus on delivering quality services and patient care. The firm also has a strong relaxation strategy.

It encourages practice owners to enjoy time with their families and hobbies.As a dentist, you are more creative when you relax and rejuvenate. What’s not to like about a rapidly growing practice that leaves you time for your patients and the important things in your life? Close to ninety, doctor-owned practices like the strategy already. For example, the firm recently celebrated its latest addition to the stable. Taos Dental operating out of New Mexico joined the dental management team, and it’s never been the same again.The doctor-owner is now able to achieve a better work-life balance. This rewards him with better productivity. MB2 Dental has empowered him to provide better care, live a happier life and expand his business to new locations.

The firm encourages members to share their startup experiences and cultivate a spirit of mentorship. This is reflected in the dental management firm’s latest outreach campaign dubbed, “We Are Dentistry.”It aims to reveal the faces behind the business and improve communication among stakeholders. As a doctor, you have to be aware of the discomfort your patient is going through even before you get started. The firm started an aid initiative to support victims and workers affected by Hurricane Harvey. Affiliate offices quickly mobilized support for their members in the hurricane areas, and they were on the ground to ensure they got the help they needed.MB2 Dental made a moving video about it as part of the outreach program. It is a treasured memory of how affiliates work together to achieve common goals and uplift those in need.

MB2 Dental Carries Your Smile A Lifetime

Discover Superior Dentistry

Your smile will do through a lot in your lifetime including using your teeth fir digestion, and your oral care health. Dr. Villanueva, leading dental care professional says, early dentistry is the key to a winning smile. They ensure their patients are involved in every aspect of their dental repair, or maintenance with customer input. MB2 is willing to perfect your smile with quality dentistry that eliminates the need for traditional dental practices with a huge bill, or uncomfortable treatment. They’re popular for having several unique offices in NC, GA, and SC to name a few.

Modern vs Traditional Dentistry

Modern Dentistry

Modern dental works has made tremendous strides by creating g technologically advanced solutions to the care, and maintenance of your smile. Fortunate, they give their customers a great way to give their input about their dental care for personalized treatment for their beneficiaries.

Traditional Dentistry

Traditional dental care use to have a lengthy recovery time, and cost patients more than they could afford. In fact, they weren’t ready to accept all insurance because the system had not caught up to technology. Their are a few doctors who still focus on traditional dental care, but Dr. Chris Villanueva says, they do what works best for their patients to guarantee quality care at a great price.

MB2 Financing

If you can’t pay for your dental work, MB2 has wonderful payment plan options for their patients with limited resources. For instance, get the treatment you need today, and make payments over a bi-weekly, or monthly scale.

MB2 Dental Basic Services

– affordable x-rays

– dental ultrasound

– dental counseling

– oral care screening

– jaw realignment

– teeth whitening

– spaced/chipped/overlapped teeth

– braces traditional/clear

– emergency services

– and much more…

Learn how to take care of your teeth by properly brushing, and learning the benefits of floss. They teach children how to brush their teeth, and offer them a fun dental fact sheet after every visit. MB2 caters to first-time patients of all ages. They believe that having a professional by your side can contribute to helping you with a beautiful smile that will carry you a lifetime. Land your confidence to get a new job, master face-to-face interactions, or get a job in the entertainment industry. The industry’s top celebs are choosing teeth whitening options to enhance their smile, and MB2 Dental has the right solution for your award winning smile.