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DJ Khaled: Major Key Was Major

Although DJ Khaled has been around for a long time, it seemed as if the hip-hop impresario was always somehow on the periphery of the music industry. As of 2017, this is no longer the case. Now that he has managed to finally break out with his hit album Major Key in 2016, the husky rapper and producer is now a household name. Of course, it probably didn’t hurt that some of Khaled’s famous friends starred on several of the tracks.


Perhaps the most famous was “For Free”, a collaboration with rapper Drake, who is always popular with the ladies and mused about his prowess in the upbeat track. “I Got the Keys” was yet another hit that music fans truly loved, and it was perhaps this song that cemented DJ Khaled’s status as more than just a meme.


All in all, it was truly a remarkable year for DJ Khaled, who also achieved some personal milestones as well. His longtime girlfriend gave birth to his son, and Khaled was able to muse about his newfound fatherhood on late-night talk shows. With his combination of musical talent, a distinctive look and a decent sense of humor, it seems as if we will continue to hear from Khaled in the years to come. Few people seem to possess a similar sense of the hip-hop industry; Khaled’s ability to sense trends is truly unmatched and revolutionary. If his 2016 was any indication, it seems as if this burly icon will churn out even more hits in the coming months.


DJ Khaled: Another One

Although many people have had a pretty tumultuous 2016, this year was the one that helped DJ Khaled break out of the pack and achieve household recognition. Working with only the biggest names in the business, he was able to build his brand and reach for the kind of hip-hop success that others only see in their wildest dreams. On Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show, Khaled’s sweet sentiments before the birth of his son were incredibly sweet. He said that his son’s impending birth had played a huge part in his motivation, and that his new family had become his major inspiration.


Even President Obama got on the DJ Khaled train this year, meeting with the recording artist for what Khaled described as “Cloth Talk”—an inspired conversation about the meaning of life. There’s no doubt that Obama was won over by Khaled’s exuberance, which seems to shine through in every project he completes. Khaled’s album Major Key has made a huge impact upon the hip-hop community at large, as well as his ever-present Snapchat account. Through social media, Khaled has truly found his voice, communicating with fans directly. In fact, he even used Snapchat to document his son’s birth.


In a world full of imposters, DJ Khaled is a complete original that defies categorization. As he continues to entertain the masses with his tight beats and expansive lyrics, the globe will remain enthralled.


DJ Khaled Brings Another Hot Album to the Industry

Making claims to be the best is a big claim to make, but DJ Khaled has been doing this for years. He is into his 9th album, and he stills seems to have the same confidence that he had with his first record. The guests appear on this compilation of hip hop artists from the north and south, but there is something that may be different this time around.

For this new album it appears that DJ Khaled has moved up in the world. He has had videos that have made him a mainstream personality. In other words he is marketable. At one time he was getting people to do him favors and appear on his tracks. Now he is out there with the 9th album, and people are honored to appear. Some artists were even asking DJ Khaled about getting on the album when he made the decision to do another one.

An interesting thing has happened with this album. The stars now have become accustomed to guest starring and they actually look forward to it. It is a privilege. Only the best of the best get asked to collaborate so it really is interesting to see what DJ Khaled has up his sleeves. He has worked with Nas and Nicki Minaj this time around. He also has other guest stars like Jay-Z and Wale. This is a diverse collection of stars that all come together for the sake of one the best producers in hip hop right now. He is setting a new standard when it comes to hip hop collaborations. This sound is becoming mainstream, and each album is a thrill ride.