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Demarcus Cousins Says That He Will Release A R & B Album If He Is Voted An All-Star

Demarcus Cousins is a basketball player who plays for the Sacramento Kings. He recently had an interview with Carmichael Dave. During the interview, he stated that he will make R & B album if he is named a starter for the All-star game. He also stated that he is serious about the music. Demarcus believes that he can sing and thinks that he should release an album. Some believe that Demarcus will be voted into the All-star game because people are eager to hear him sing.


Demarcus also discussed the great pressure he is under because his team is trying to make the playoffs. He stated that many people have been talking about his hairline. He stated that he is stressing out about the playoffs. He said that he really wants to make the playoffs, so he will not be surprised if he is completely bald by the end of the season.


He jokingly stated that he is a handsome man and believes that he is able to pull off any look. However, he wants to hold on to his natural hair as long as he can. He also stated that he would like to pull off a George Karl look.


Additionally, Demarcus stated that he has looked back at the videos and realized where he went wrong in some of the games. He realizes that he messes up a lot. Demarcus started playing for the Sacramento Kings back in 2010. He also competed in the Summer Olympics back in 2016.