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Mark Mofid Changing Lives With Safe Plastic Surgery Treatments

With his office in San Diego-La Jolla, Mark Mofid is one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. Dr.Mark Mofid graduated from the University of Harvard and later on from John Hopkins University. Together with his wife who is a full-time Dermatologist in the clinic, they run and operate the clinic which has thousands of patients annually. Mark and his wife are both innovative and industrious; qualities that have made them uniquely stand out in the world of cosmetics and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Mark Mofid has constantly had a remarkable reputation in the industry mainly because of the emphasis he has put on safety measures throughout the surgeries. Dr. Mark also has a deep understanding of the human body that sets him apart and makes him able to generate amazing and at the same time safe results for his patients. Dr. Mofid attributes his successful practice on the innovation and science coupled with attention to detail and the ability to think beyond the normal surface.

Dr.Mark Mofid, like many other successful surgeons, the journey to a successful career was steady and gradual. In his first years in the industry, he was able to discover a couple of niches in the industry that could bring major improvements in the industry and still build his business. He worked consistently for over 8 years reinventing and developing various types of surgeries. In one of his reinventions, he was able to design a more effective and more superior gluteal implant. Patients can now enjoy more comfortable and better-looking implants without having to worry about them sagging like the old designs.

Dr. Mark has made revolutionary changes in the industry and continues to do so. The product that Dr. Mark Mofid has invented is not only superior but also makes the patients much comfortable. These inventions have also reflected well in his career from a business perspective. Dr. Mark’s quest to create better and more comfortable products for his patients still continues. His reputation as one of the best plastic surgeon in the country is still growing exponentially. Customer safety an satisfaction remain the core priorities in his career and business.

Plastic Surgery Continues To Improve Thanks To The Efforts Of Dr. Mark Mofid

Mark Mofid has been building his reputation in the field of plastic surgery for the better part of a decade, developing safer implants and procedures for his clients and patients all around the world thanks to his efforts. When Mark first entered the industry, he was taken aback by all the problems and saw and understood well why the industry had some critical skepticism. This didn’t turn Mark the other way, but instead, he desired to make the industry better. Mark Mofid studied at Harvard as well as Johns Hopkins to earn his degrees before entering the medical profession, and today he is board-certified to practice surgery.

On top of working as a plastic surgeon at his own practice in San Diego, Mark Mofid also works as a general surgeon around the area at various different hospitals. Over the years, Mark has worked at and provided aid to various different hospitals and organizations, which has aided in his high reputation in the medical field. Mark personally stays active in the community and has published many articles of his own online surrounding his expertise and his industries. Since he first laid eyes on the industry coming out of college, Mark knew he had to do something to improve the field, which he has done in various different ways over the years to make surgery safer for patients.

Dr. Mark Mofid knows the kind of impact plastic surgery has and can have on peoples lives, in both good and bad instances. This is why he is going to such great lengths to perfect the art, especially since it can help many people as well. While most people use plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, confidence and self-esteem is still a big part of a person mentality and effects their overall mood. People from all over come to Mark Mofid for his expertise and quality results, and he plans to keep improving for the future of his patients and the industry.

Mark Mofid dedicates time to each one of his patients to perfect their procedures. With excellent bedside manners and a knack for ensuring every patient is content before their procedures, there is a much better chance of the outcome being a success. Mark plans to continue building his experience through his research and studying the Brazilian plastic surgery market, where surgery has become incredibly popular over the past ten years.

Lime Crime: The All-Inclusive Makeup Brand

Lime Crime indeed is a makeup company, but their goal as a company is not only to provide makeup for customers but to revolutionize makeup as a whole. They incorporate so many things into their brand that makes it almost impossible to not purchase. They have managed to perfect nearly every aspect of a business. They have an extraordinary marketing team and put out a great product along with establishing a unique, beautiful visual appeal.

LimeCrime was founded by Doe Deere in 2008, who is also the CEO of the company. She promotes her product by the all-inclusive quote, “I make makeup for girls and boys like me who express themselves unapologetically…” It is due to her unique vision and wild creativity that they have gained the sparkling reputation that they have.

With the production of a great product, there is also some consideration as to how the product was made. At this company, all of their products are vegan and cruelty-free. This is a characteristic of their brand that they are extremely proud of. The difference between other non-vegan brands of makeup and Lime Crime’s vegan makeup is that their makeup does not include animal ingredients or any byproducts of animal ingredients. Along with not using such products in their makeup, they also do not test their makeup on animals. They have received PETA Certification, which is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This certification states that this company does not participate in the usage of animals for product testing.

They have developed a large fan base, and have many stores in the state of California. There are many global locations as well. You can find their products in Indonesia, Poland, Thailand, Austrailia, Canada and a few more countries. Due to their unique product and the support that they have gained through the years, this company has decided to expand furthermore. Led by Kim Walls, Lime Crime’s global manager, they are expanding their company’s brand to China. Throughout this transaction, they had problems with their cruelty-free expectations, but they were able to sort them out.

Lime Crime Has Done It Again

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, has brought another great product into the spotlight. Her smarts, expertise, ingenuity and courage has taken the industry by storm. Lime Crime is well-known for its vividly bright makeup products, but the company has added a few more items to the list. Hair dye has been around for centuries, and it is one of the best-selling hair care products to date. All of the major hair care brands offer hair dye products. LimeCrime has just stepped foot into the arena, and it is quickly making a huge name for itself.

The Unicorn Hair Collection has broken-ground, and it is now taking over the game. This collection of bold hair dyes have made Lime Crime even more diverse than it already was. Known as semi-permanent hair dye, these products will give you a broad range of bright colors to play around with. This includes:

  • Mint Ice-Mint Green
  • Jello Emerald Green
  • Anime Neon Blue
  • Tweet Bright Yellow
  • Pony Bright Purple
  • Valentine Bright Red
  • And many others

As for the month of October, Lime Crime has introduced its new hair dye products, and they’ll leave your hair with a deeply pigmented appearance. These dyes posses some of the most intense hues of any hair care brand. Consumers will have the opportunity to choose from Chestnut (deep maroon), Sea Witch (mermaid’s green tail), Charcoal (dusty gray) or Squid (spooky purple).

The industry and the internet are buzzing right about now. The brand’s Instagram social media page is getting a ton of activity on a daily basis. Doe Deere has turned her dream into a full-fledged career. She is the heart, the soul, the mind, and the body of the entire operation.