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5 Tips For Betting College Bowl Games

The college bowl season is one of the most exciting for sports bettors. There are so many good matchups and lots of opportunities to make some money and end the season on a winning note.

There is a lot of emotion involved in these games. Many large schools may be disappointed in their bowl selection while some smaller schools will have their only chance at a nationally televised game. Do your best to look beyond the spectacle and follow these tips to victory.

1. Ranked Versus Unranked Teams
Because many bettors gambling on college football odds will most likely favor the ranked team, the line may be a little out of whack. All the money pouring in on the ranked team may inflate the line, giving you an opportunity to exploit it. Look carefully at these games.

2. Look For Momentum
In college ball, momentum matters. Has one team been on a winning streak? Has the other been off for weeks before the bowl game? If so this could lead to rust and a big letdown. Find the streaking team and consider placing a wager on them if all else looks good.

3. Believe The Hype
Look for teams that are riding a wave of excitement. Is there a team that has not appeared in a bowl game for a few years? Is there a game featuring two rival teams? Teams that have a lot of excitement around them tend to play above their heads. This could be a good play.

4. Look For The Underdog
College football loves and underdog story. Many of these teams are facing a highly regarded, larger school and may have a chip n their shoulder. Upsets happen often in college football and yu should be aware of these matchups.

5. Pay Attention To Totals
If you are making a spread bet keep in mind that underdogs fare better in low scoring games, while the favorites will do better in high scoring games. Keeping an eye on the over/under could put a few more games in the win column for you.

It goes without saying that is you are going to be betting on college bowl games you need the best information and betting odds you can get. Check sites like on a daily basis. Keep abreast of any injuries or suspensions that may come up. You also need to be aware of any movement in the betting line as the games get closer.