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Beyonce Rules Coachella

As we head into the second week of the cultural phenomenon known as Coachella, Beyonce Knowles Carter is set to headline another explosive performance. Also known as Queen Bey, this glittering superstar’s epic first-week performance was legendary. In fact, it was so explosive that many wrote that the mega singer is bigger than Coachella. While Coachella is usually famous for its stripped-down sets from well-known musicians, Beyonce had no inclination to strip down anything. In fact, she even added some embellishments.

With the help of 100 dancers wearing King Tut inspired costumes and a bold marching band, Beyonce stepped onto state in the guise of Nefertiti. She then changed into a costume that reflected the aesthetic of historical black colleges, using her tremendous vocals, dancing skills and sublime artistry to crank out a performance that will undoubtedly be hailed for decades. She even brought out some great partners to duet with, including her sister Solange and husband Jay-Z. The crowd positively roared to life when Beyonce’s bandmates from Destiny’s child, Michelle and Kelly, joined her on the stage for exciting renditions of “Say My Name,” “Soldier” and more. For those who have been eagerly awaiting a reunion since the Super Bowl a few years back, this was a thrilling moment.

With references to artists like Nina Simone, as well as powerful solos from some of the dancers, this was so much more than just another Coachella concert. Perhaps Beyonce wanted to bring even more power and drama after having to leave last year’s line-up due to her pregnancy with twins Rumi and Sir. As the first black female headliner for Coachella, Beyonce’s performance was historic in many ways. Her beautiful version of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” was stunning in its simplicity and beauty, set against the ornate backdrop of a dazzling set.