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Clay Siegall- A Healthcare Pioneer!

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. With new research and regulations developing constantly is takes a true visionary to adapt to this changing world. Clay Siegall was originally trained as a scientist who specialized in targeting cancer treatments to some of the sickest patients who needed help most. Using his knowledge and experience in this space, he founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. His company is built on the key principles of rigorous research, new and improved treatment development, healthcare innovation, and above all patient care. Under his guidance, Seattle Genetics has progressed from a fledgling company to a leader in the healthcare space. He has developed antibody-drug-conjugates, key products that use natural antibodies to deliver drug targets to the precise location it’s needed. In fact, these antibodies can deliver drugs to the specific cells that need treatment for control and potential cure of disease. This visionary treatment class secured FDA approval for its first drug, ADCETRIS, in 2011. This drug is now a successful treatment option available in over 60 countries, helping countless patients. Under Siegall, ADCs revolutionized the treatment of cancer.

To help drive advancement and development of ADCs, Seattle Genetics has partnered with multiple other companies for the benefit of patients. These other companies have a long track record of success that can help bring treatment to the millions of people who need it most. Examples of partners include Genetech, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and Abbvie. These partnerships have generated over $300 million in revenue that has been funneled into developing even better treatments for dangerous diseases that threaten loved ones. In fact, the success has generated the new development of more than 20 new ADC drugs to treat dozens of different illnesses. Further research is only going to develop even more treatment options.

The success of Seattle Genetics would not have been possible without the dream that Clay Siegall had for using his wisdom to help others. Under his guidance, Seattle Genetics has become a leader in the healthcare and drug development space. His research and partnerships have made a difference in the lives of many with much more still to come.

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