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Chris Brown’s Project Is 45 Tracks: Why So Long?

Chris Brown released his latest album that bore 45 songs and was upwards of 158 minutes long. Some fans, even though they enjoyed many of the tunes, wondered why the R&B singer gave such a long and drawn out message on his new project. The answer to such inquiry is the Billboard charts.

Billboard decided to change its format for arranging weekly rankings so that streamed music can now be included in the count. Many artists rejoiced in the changes since listeners have progressively moved away from CDs and downloads over the past few years. Streaming is the most popular way by which younger generations access tunes, which meant that artists were missing out on significant numbers and rankings before Billboard changed its practices.

Now, the magazine counts an album sale when an artist accumulates ten digital track sales from the project. Every 1,500 plays by way of streaming can garner an album sale.

So there is a method to Chris Brown’s madness. Outside of sharing his heart about life experiences that have molded him into the man that he is today, the recording artist is hoping to dominate the charts with his lengthy project.

A few critics alleged that Chris Brown was battling with a drug problem on the heels of his album release. The singer called such accusations false during a recent interview. “Me doing interviews, you might think I move a lot,” he revealed. “It’s just cuz I’m nervous in this damn interview. [People say] ’Oh, he’s on drugs.’ No, I’m not!”

Regardless of his personal struggles, critics and fans have to agree that Chris’ savviness as an artist is not lacking. You can check out his newest album in stores nationwide.