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The Magical Year of Childish Gambino

When Childish Gambino first rose to prominence in pop culture, many were puzzled by the seemingly familiar face plastered all over the numerous posters for his new album. No, you weren’t seeing things; when he’s not spitting rhymes, Childish Gambino is also a wildly successful actor named Donald Glover. However, this is certainly not a case in which a musician receives renown simply due to their stature as an actor. This is one artist who just happens to be incredibly talented in two different worlds.


Childish Gambino’s newest album “Awaken, My Love!” is finding some love of its own—from some unexpected places. Although NPR doesn’t seem to regularly review rap albums, they recently dropped a glowing review of this latest effort from the actor-turned-rapper.


Although his last album was infused with rapid-fire rhymes, this new one is more laid-back and boasts a kind of seventies vibe. Those who miss the days of funk will totally jive with this album. It is true that this album is influenced by the seventies, but it should be noted that Childish Gambino is definitely putting his own stamp upon the funk scene. He’s not merely copying what others have done before; he’s creating a new type of sound that is distinctly his own, in addition to being completely different from anything he’s done before. In an entertainment world that is full of fakers and people with questionable abilities, this young man has truly emerged as someone special.