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Rocketship Education Charter Schools, the Newest Innovation in the Educational Field

A new and innovative type of educational platform has been instituted in San Jose, California which is meant to give the children from lower income families a chance to receive a good education and provide them with the tools to attend college.

The University of California, Berkley and the University of Harvard, in 2014, conducted a study that concluded that the children from low-income families, born in the 1980’s had just as much of a chance to reach a higher goal as the children in countries like Denmark or Canada.

This new charter school has been named Rocketship Education, which is a network of non-profit charter schools. There are now since the first school opened in 2007, 25 of these public high-performing schools that are installed in low-income neighborhoods. At Stanford University their Center for Research on Education found that the students learning the English language along with the students from the low-income neighborhoods will gain and an additional month or more of learning in reading and math for each year they attend the Rocketship Education Charter Schools.

Parents usually do not know who will be teaching their children until the school year begins. The parents who plan to send their children to the Rocketship Charter Schools will get to help in choosing the teachers that will be hired a few months before school starts. The CEO and co-founder of Rocketship Education that the precept of the school is the parent participation of the chain. They have received the national attention for their blended-learning style and its personalized attention along with the involvement of the parents which is at the core of their program

This type of educational program also has the goal to teach the parents how to help their children through their middle school and high school years by being an advocate for them, not only in their years at Rocketship but after they leave and go to other educational facilities. Also by the parents being able to interview the teachers they will have a rapport even before the school year starts. They also are planning to make home visits to the student’s families throughout the school year.